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: Harden: we just last bad luck reappear opportunity must seize

Today in the rockets and the heat of the game, the first quarter once behind by 17 points, the rockets HouCheng hair force, in the fourth quarter at one time led by eight points. But could not stop little emperors attack.
In the face of have three giants of the Miami, the Houston rockets will have his own haring combination. But giant after all is giant, the young haring or failed to save the rockets. LinShuHao are at the game two threw three points air ball, especially the last moment of the most Jeremy Kapinos Nike Jerseys key to completely open three extension will, he incredibly three ball on the basket, and he himself for the attack is also very upset. After the game the coach also think you can't blame player misses vacancy opportunity. "To my team tonight's performance is very satisfied with the result. I just disappointment, to the team's performance is very happy. Acting coach Sampson said.
Haddon today's state actually good, although HouCheng percentage is not high. He play in for 40 minutes and for 6 had 22 points, but his attack caused a lot of Jonathan Dwyer Women's Limited Steelers Jersey penalty, 11 penalty of nine plus five assists. Obviously now haddon is DuMuNanZhi, must depend on oneself to break for a chance to shoot. And in the thunder team completely different, so field goal percentage is not high also need not blame him. Compared with scorer, haddon more like James style, is an organization for the player. In his last few breakthrough pass the ball very well, Delphi's parsons has cast into the three points, the rockets continue to remain competitive.
But the last few clear-cut chances, haddon still can't show a star Jonathan Dwyer Limited Steelers Jersey should have quality. A few times miss big chances, still less a kobe Bryant temperament, finally the key moment Bryant not thine hands be slack. Maybe 48 minutes and 46 branch than playing soy sauce. But in the end ankylosis game, kobe Bryant is go straight for the jugular.
"Today the team the performance is very good. Especially the last few minutes, chandler made a few shot. Lin also have very good chance to turn the tide. We are very confident. This kind of opportunity if again appear, we'll take. Today we mistake Jonathan Dwyer Elite White Steelers Jersey control well, just the last poor luck." Haddon said.
In the last few clear-cut no success, including and Portland last big chances, haddon has missed a lot of final opportunity. "Once I try to close to the basket, and once I see chandler and forest has a very good chance, I passed to parsons. Then the forest has a very good vacancy chance. So I think our attack played very good. It's just some shots didn't enter the. But it can't deny our efforts, we played very hard tonight." Haddon regret to say to.
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