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100 wins, God! Bashing the penalty of God! Shengkaxi inform you of what goalkeeper

As the saying goes: "A good goalkeeper is definitely worth a half a team." Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas, remember, to learn the high standard, rushed out Moutinho and Bruno - Alves penalty on the penalty shootout, escortSpain's third consecutive advance for the finals on the national team competition.
After an extensive 2 hours of fierce Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale battle, each countries belonging to the Iberian Peninsula - Portugal and Spain goalless draw, the experience went into penalty shootout suffocating. Portugal Prior example of the competition twice each penalty shootout, and both win. Spain penalty record of three wins, 3 losses, data, Spain is not really very dominant. Casillas has knowledgeable of the 3x, GATTUSO Italy Home Soccer Jersey and achieved a 2-1 score, the night in Ukraine ushered as part of his 12 yards from the fourth battle.
Has been strong penalties hand Harvey - Alonso shot the ball unfortunately Portugal goalkeeper Patricio saved, the anxiety is suddenly rolls Spain party. However, the Spanish captain seems to be confident, accurate Moutinho shot saved. MARCHISIO Italy Home Soccer Jersey When confronted with Bruno - Alves, Casillas one more time guess the best direction, nonetheless the Portugal defender Jiaoruan seems deficiencies in confidence and, the ball hit the crossbar pop. The Spanish captain made ??he ought to do, and the rest is handed over to his teammates scored the winning penalty.
Donetsk Donbas Arena the PEPE Italy Home Soccer Jersey night is owned by Spain, owned by Casillas, Madrid's big boys during this sleepless night made a set of people Yangchih data:
Against Portugal Casillas 136 inside the adult national team games on the adult national team 100 wins, 136 also active players played on your country a very high variety of figures.
This game PIRLO Italy Home Soccer Jersey is Iker Casillas during the reputation for the eu Cup Ten times as Spain captain, a captain from the NO.1. The earlier record Deschamps 9 while in the French team, Gullit served as captain of the Netherlands to sign up during the nine European Cup and Michel Platini nine games for a captain over the European Cup, France. It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 06.28.2012