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AC Milan master to suggest goodbye to pay tribute to him through blood from this summer while the 2nd

Yepes over again proved what they're a new player, he played a quality game. "AC Milan 1-0 make an impression on Chievo following on from the game press conference, coach Allegri only named in recognition of two players, one of several Muntari goal hero, the other one is Yepes, although another Nesta also sky station Marchegiani judges "Overall Best", but Allegri decide to open within the conference praised Yepes.The outgoing message before Nesta fever, Philippe Mexes, muscle fatigue, as well as previously Silva injured, Bonera suspended, with five on the guard of AC Milan, but only one intact defender, and ultimately, Allegri, Alessandro Nesta and Philippe Mexes of chose the former to a new lesser extent, but Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys obviously the Yepes prefer to tackle more responsibility, "because of any ankle sprain, Yepes has been a many years couldn't play." Alleg after a game said.War an extensive silence, a sick adhere to the two veteran was developed in 1976 he finally completed a nice zero letters, just like a sky station reporter Qiese Lei blurted out in the studio, Alessandro Nesta and Yepes too great! too strong! " In keeping with OPTA statistics, two veteran cooperation to do the 19 rescue 10 interceptor 12 times to win the ball, you'll find 11 Zhengding, where Nesta in poor shape, opening soon body strong Paroski to consume, but right after the game, thanks to their own personal awareness BENZEMA Home Long Sleeve Jersey and anticipation, played an incredible game, but Yepes use individual ability and sound footing, zero closure Perry Gebrselassie after strong Paroski eat Nesta that Sammarco cross Middle Road is Yepes on the crucial moment free, 78 minutes each other well played an inspired free kick aided by the ball pick extraordinary wall is Yepes first guidance for the other's intentions , timely Disembarrassing. Yepes's performance is a expense of black and blue to the 49 minutes Perry Corbusier that volley Abbiati threw himself before Yepes first siege heel heavy endured, as well as before. Yepes and every one other Zhengding not flinch from your response to his nose was open and her face covered in blood, yet HIGUAIN Home Argentina Jersey still conform to kick within the final game, a great scenario, it is not easy to visualize that it is actually a summer leave and then the team reached a contract is actually 36 year-old veteran! When the match, Yepes played down his injury: "It isn't important, I had just seen the physician, no, this may be a common practice."Should be revealed that, as opposed to last year to give that up Pirlo, Yepes and AC Milan is bestowed upon "the peaceful separation, Allegri Colombians to stay in should the main substitute, but Yepes hope not enough career going back to their roots, perhaps AC Milan is quiet difficult to find type of experienced and qualified replacement. RONALDO Youth Away Jersey In Milanello, Yepes talk less a model of AC Milan, he still kept the unbeaten league appearances, Yepes played over 45 minutes of performances, AC Milan has 15 wins and 4 level results. There is much surprise aside from the key performance on this field, it's always worth mentioning that through the 4-3 away victory over Lecce game, he scored the winning header. AC Milan, maybe next season will introduce younger than he Natalie, or merely for taking hold Tomo Popovich, however it is harder to second main substitute to have the effect of your Yepes, during the summer time of 2010 many wonderful acquisition, in actual fact, he has gonna be overlooked, but extremely practical. It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 04.012.2012