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AC Milan official announced Bojan joined

Beijing around the evening of August 30, AC Milan officially announced the Spain striker Bojan from Rome to attend they, will probably be leased like former Barcelona striker joining AC Milan 1.
AC Milan announced on its official website: "Bojan passed a medical examination, break the blue-black all the smart assault Media Source: Sina sports pieces are generally video between AC Milan Bojan - Bojan http://www.fineworkshops.com Rome scored 1V4 no hassle. transfers and contracting had been officially completed. yesterday was his birthday, he originated in Rome to Milan, AC Milan, the club has now announced he or she joined the c's are Bojan moment, AC Milan jersey screwed up and try wear the newest season campaign. "
AC Milan official website Bojan brief introduction: "Although only 22 years of, but he Bruce Smith Throwback 1994 Jersey on holiday and Italy, has participated in the greater number of than 200 games with the official competition. Bojan is a very develop the strength and ambition belonging to the players plus the AC Milan club also realize, in like manner find out. AC Milan and Bojan can work together toward a fresh season. "
AC Milan finalize Bojan joined very fast, the sale is Chris Williams Mitchell and Ness Jersey completed almost half a day's time, and Bojan came early Milan, he previously had even verbally announced news of their very own is getting ready to join AC Milan. AC Milan has never announced specific info on the transfer, but good Italian media messages, Bojan is in the advance also known as a season to become listed on AC Milan, AC resulting in nil buyout rights.
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