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AC Milan officially thought to be the perfect Iron Guard of one's sign Nesta substitute season is here

Italy local time on the afternoon of June 20, AC Milan's summer acquisition finally have a very good new as well as important progress, was interested in preserving the long-Chievo defender Archer arrived in Milan, he'll replace the vacancy left by Nesta, The summer season can get the key partner in Silva.
Wrote on the official statement released by AC Milan today, Archer came Turati Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys Street relating to the 3rd AC Milan headquarters the next weekend, he and Kevin - Constant arrives to have a medical examination . "The statement also announced that completed a deal with Albinoleffe of all common contract, Matia - WaRonaldo Di continues to live at AC Milan, Palermo signed Damien . "
Archer in comparison to the transaction through the most current period, in actual Spain Home Jersey fact, very little suspense, AC Milan happens to be and Genoa to reach a sale agreement, but Genoa and Chievo will not resolved in the good Archer versus co-ownership, AC Milan's acquisition has not been repeated delays. After noon yesterday local time, Sky Sports said Chievo and Genoa, the agreement is formally approved and confirmed Archer to perform as compared to the next season for Germany Long Sleeve Jersey AC Milan, but after agreement is reached soon, Galliani A Chernobyl in comparison to the broker Cato talks with AC Milan headquarters, and immediately reached a consensus, Archer more than I be found in Milan. Genoa subsequently issued the state statement announced the Archer not only from Chievo hands to invest in back portion of the ownership sold to AC Milan.
Galliani said: "I think France Home Jersey Archer is certainly an good defender, brand-new areas such as a bright future." Lombard Telegraph interview, Archer has also been about him joining AC Milan's feelings, "I am incredibly, AC Milan all my dreams, I am going to make sure you try to get the style, surely, this implies the coach decide on." above Taiwan inventory lineup last season, Archer will be main candidate of France Soccer Jersey your defender, after his arrival, will replace Nesta, Silva partner, on the subject of Silva, Archer said: "Come with Silva partner happy? they are our planet's one of the best defender, but I really after with his or her partner to know you. "
Under the arrangement, Archer ratio and Constant will accept the AC Milan official medical examination, that can be announced by its official. It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 06.21.2012