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AC Milan's main defender traced long sidelined

Beijing at the evening of November 11, AC Milan lost inside your home to Florence, Pato shot lost on penalties after halftime Allegri replaced Pato and Emmanuelson directly put Pacini and Bojan, but After the match Adelman still expressed support for Pato.
Allegri praised first opponent: "Florence played potentially, they're on the possession, which almost sent a great gift to the opponents, allowing them to utilize a foul ball scored two goals, then our solution is inadequate numbers time , very first not acceptable. Viola are players using a lot and Ryan Clark Jerseys gave various places from the stadium, we applied pressure, we retreat to your deep, and regrettable, because apart from our mistakes possibility give their Actually, they don't have so many opportunities. "
"Of course, that could be fair, as being the opportunity also is calculated from the scope on the football." Allegri midfielder adjustment also ended up being the focus of media attention, especially Pato starter The next half was replaced , "Pato in Tuesday's game played pretty decent, i think he is able to credit card debt with improving the Jack Lambert Youth Nike Jersey match progress, perhaps the biggest issue is usually that the model of football we played, you should be running at full speed, 3 days to try out a match has forced nothing you can easily do, and subsequently 15 days, we have a massive amount difficult games to experiment with AC Milan, a subsequent round could be traveling against Napoli, although the next the first Nov. 25 shall be versus the leader in Juve Tucci.
Boateng re-arrangements, such as the starting position, to surrender Bojan Allegri doubt one of the rows Lamarr Woodley Women Nike Game Jersey of soldiers, "I so choose, since i do you need a strength more outstanding players in Pizarro's side as soon as the team every 72 hrs to visit kick a match when you really need to improved inspire the ideal state for the players. "Philippe Mexes in defense committed a fatal error, then heel shot in your penalty area that will Patsy Nepal broke, but nonetheless did not avoid losing, Allegri said: "Philippe Mexes is considered the last game of the right players, I may continue to use Philippe Mexes and Pouncey Maurkice Women Nike Game Jersey Bonera." However, depending on the "Milan News" revealed good news, Bonera thigh strain in the game will prolonged truce, although the specific diagnostic results needs to be outside in your next couple of days.
Bojan said: "It's too bad, I played did not really help the team, Pato penalty in to the score 1-1, this is really a unique game. Florence is a very good team, played adequately we will need to not imagine the game from defeat within the lessons learned, and be able to in Saturday's game better. "

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