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AC Milan secret severance Special Envoy to acquire the Tieyao hatchetman giant hand-picked midfielder transaction is open

99.9% behind the possible possessing some secret Galliani mouth has many secret negotiations between AC Milan and Barcelona behind Barcelona club spokesman told the media: "We do not ever hide to the seats Silva's interest, he will be a Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys very strong player, but we read those rumors, and now we don't make evaluations today, I will not go over and assess the interest of your one player. "and Galliani behind the visit Barcelona, ??in fact, hidden in another FERDINAND Away Jersey transaction.
In fact, the trick of AC Milan and Barcelona talks AC Milan transfer consultant Bloom Vanzetti, while the larger through the transfer industry is plus a stylish guest on the Real Madrid president Florentino. Bloom Vanzetti Galliani carry ALONSO Home Jersey the glory cruise liner came to Barcelona Galliani embarkation leave, Bloom Vanzetti did not with the board, Galliani sent Bloom Vanzetti to Spain purpose, "Corriere dello Sport" disclosure, he gone to Real Madrid prepared help AC Milan to sign DI MARIA Home Argentina Jersey choose to leave the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Las - Diyala.
The "market" disclosure, forward movement around the goal belonging to the buying Diyala success at AC Milan, ad units two transfer window in the perspective of AC Milan, BENZEMA Away France Jersey the Frenchman genuinely want to navigate to the San Siro stadium, but as opposed to rivals AC Milan to take care of very much, such as the Paris Saint-Germain, not to mention Inter Milan, Naples and Tottenham team. It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 06.07.2012