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AC Milan was traced to January before would like to to sign Bojan Maldini: Barcelona guaranteed

AC Milan lightning finalize Bojan, former Barcelona genius last season in Rome underperforming, but for the deal, an italian man , football you will still find many individuals optimistic, consisting of old Maldini, he has been convinced that Bojan played well from the San Siro stadium.
The former AC Milan coach, Cesare Maldini "market" interview, said Bojan join expectations, he explained: "we are discussing quite a powerful and technically outstanding player, he is in Barcelona were raised, this is just to possess enough that should be a guarantee in Rome, he played the right shots, However, because of his performance in Spain before his performance in Rome hasn't been sufficient to pay ahead of Cheap NFL Throwback Jerseys people of his expectations. maybe in Rome Zeman made another choice, gifted, however, Bojan AC Milan could certainly have a great performance, although his performance can be largely influenced by his AC Milanello and Alleg where, inside the given leadership in the quantity adaptation on the locker room, but I'm anticipating his performance with the Rossoneri.
AC Milan new season opener 0-1 defeat to Sampdoria, however, one of several players while the most outstanding team performance Yepes, Bojan joined has got to be big boost in the team, he stated: "Bojan and Niang These students offers to the AC Milan new strength, my partner and i hope they will immediately adapt to the recent Andre Reed Bills 1990 Jersey environment, and of course, i will make them, to ensure that they immediately may give rise to the team. "and contributed to the Bojan middleman transaction relocate to AC Milan, FIFA registered agent Giuseppe - Rizzo said during an interview with Sky Sports 24 interview:" Bojan move AC Milan envisaged in July had already seen, it's Kaka settle for AC Milan, end result of the negotiations and there is no causal relationship, the transfer form? mainly loan-based. "
After Barcelona player Gerard Pique, a former teammate Bojan message from your network a blessing to Bojan, former Roma player Jose - Angel Twitter said: "I wish my good friend Bojan AC Milan luck, although he Brian Urlacher Jerseys Thrwback Dark Small Number does not need my blessing Bojan you prefer! "famous critic, the hardcore AC Milan fans Vito - Elia within an interview with top football Twenty-four hours also AC Milan during the transfer market, the newest trends throughout their perspective. Arrives to join Bojan, Elia said: "I quite concur with the introduction of Bojan, I am just content to AC Milan regarding who the winner, after that happen? For me, this coming year need to be the season within the team to run a test the tank at the moment good performance next season definately will stay, i believe, they also needs a dominant player, a field command for this guided these young players. "

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