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After losing Mourinho blasted the UEFA: messing around!

The calm after many days, Mourinho finally again fired, this occassion he can be aligned UEFA. Real Madrid after losing, he angrily denounced the the UEFA group draw too unreasonable: "Some packet is simply a joke, like us during this group, the Yankees might kick Europa League!"
After the game Mourinho first spoke for the game: "It would be close game, nobody provides great progress over two teams who could first enter no cost ball, who will be ready to win and that in case the specific situation and already the contrary, even as first in the second ball, in which we win. competition is Greg Warren Nike Jerseys quite difficult, challenging contend with, they usually turn out winning, but we also have the capacity to win or tie. everyone entangled powerful, however the level is not high. Dortmund organized, extremely tough, especially on defense better. "
Mourinho also said Dortmund coach Klopp praised: "I Klopp not know much about, sometimes encountered in your UEFA meeting, even so the results can define a coach, she has won two German champions. "
For Real Madrid, Mourinho lack offensive efforts, "We failed to rush in the second ball in Dortmund just before the team employed to tissue offensive space is small, they to shed the Dermontti Dawson Women's Game Steelers Jersey ball along with attack and defense conversion facing some threats simultaneously. perhaps healthy performance, the second launched a goal when the contraction defense did very effectively, and we're powerless. "
Mourinho complained the gamers injuries continued to plague the group, campaign, Khedira injury leave, "I are able to do will be to ask the memories I said prior to the game against Celta. said, we've found the consideration to shell out sidelined player is not really restricted those wounded soldiers returning on the national team. "
Jose Mourinho, UEFA that dissatisfaction: analysis Dortmund things of their coach, nevertheless it's obvious that some group is Jeremy Kapinos Elite Black Steelers Jersey simply joke team like ours, the giants will only kick european countries Cup this group can be quite difficult, now ranked first around the Dortmund followed, but Manchester City Doesn't seem possible to build 10 points? "
Mourinho said, the game play entirely expected, "I told members of the squad, the overall game is a clean sheet for the game, no matter who lost the ball, the other party would launch a counterattack. They provided the pioneer ball is we lose the ball, second ball, but additionally lose the ball. threat stem from the counterattack being, as compared with an offensive organization which few opportunities Jeremy Kapinos Nike Jerseys in the rooms, the offensive building rarely, a game can be quite complex. intermission we said, the next share of a criminal wrong we could possibly lose, to seize time to be able to win after they score shrinking defense there exists a chance to score, but loses, team and we're not happy , though the feeling is absolutely not a major accident, this group isn't a joke, this group is undoubtedly a serious group. "
Looking ahead, Mourinho showed optimism: "The situation shouldn't be dramatic, we will go home there is 6 points 16 can say hello to the possibility entirely in their own individual hands."...
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