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Aldridge's: Why wear Real Madrid over the 19th my idol Boban Totti

Madrid local time Monday afternoon, together with the populace Relations Manager Butragueno, the aldridge appear within the Bernabeu, officially became the "Galacticos" an agreement with Real Madrid. Face the media hall Wu Yang influx of reporters, said after joining the aldridge first sentence after which won everyone's favor, "the transfer ingests a period of time, and i'm honored to become our planet's largest, best an organization We've and also team will not wait to teach together (joining Real Madrid) is a large challenge for me personally and i am sure I will be here to produce their aspirations and ideals, nevertheless this is my career http://www.fineworkshops.com career happiest day. "
Aldridge's refuse with Ozil contrast, he explains and summarizes their technical characteristics, "First of most, I favor technical football at Tottenham, I play midfield. Kick what position As at Real Madrid, Mourinho says count. "aldridge's called" The special moment Flute "by netizens also revealed that" my best player Boban, Croatia from the past of the most successful sportsmen. addition, Roma's Totti. course, still prefer Boban somewhat more. "
Aldridge's transfer to Real Madrid Details lasted around sixty days, and also La Liga start, his strength has grown to become a problem or worry. He was quoted saying that "I already missed Bruce Smith Throwback 1994 Jersey two games for sure Madrid. Physical level coach training at Tottenham, although Just that race, but was followed together with the Croatian national team played 25 minutes of official competition. Now Hopefully through several find state game, to achieve Real Madrid to my expectations. "the aldridge even usually do not remove playing inside the Super Bowl against Barcelona on Wednesday," the actual Madrid and Barcelona, ??the sport 's all over the world footballer wants to attend this game. myself the sensation is excellent. course, Also, i really need to train in reference to his teammates and familiar. Personally, Photograph well prepared that can be played, Dan Hampton Throwback Dark Jersey the arrangement with the extent this agreement you simply can't be played is determined by the coach. "
Aldridge's new season would be wearing a No. 19 jersey, his transfer also twists and turns, this article, he further reveals that "the transfer coming from the European Cup before the start their seen that Real Madrid have to sign me We are very excited, I told myself that, besides Real Madrid me where I cannot go why choose 19 jersey, mainly because the group left to select the number cannot cash with the other numbers I do think the 19th pores and skin look. "

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