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Anti-fire security C Ronaldo? ! Spain default three-point anti-C Luo Raiders exposure

Spain VS Portugal, the Iberian Peninsula, Derby, two reached the ecu Cup semi-finals of the national team, because Real Madrid, Barcelona, ??Luo C, but become special.
Spain Tiqui-taca pass control kind football from Barcelona, ??and Portugal is viewed to make a direct, rapid gene Mourinho, combined with two teams has Duomingbasa and Real Madrid player, the competition is therefore be regarded as war on the eu Cheap Soccer Jerseys Cup, Real Madrid, Barcelona.
For Spain, the anti-death C Luo, equivalent to guard Portugal. European and world champion, it's impossible to pinpoint a defensive C Luo? This issue, most say the same for your players of Real Madrid Spanish international Alonso. "So far, do not specify or even a scheme for C Ronaldo. Without regard to who we're playing, we're going to take the initiative." Alonso GATTUSO Italy Away Soccer Jersey said, "Of course, we also with the semi-finals take the initiative in order to make some modifications to close defend him, think that you're nearly impossible to find space, using but the, the defense one player the easiest way is to turn to the strength of the team. "
Small law further added, the tactical system in Portugal and Real Madrid share, but also, there are DE ROSSI Italy Away Soccer Jersey different. Is the identical, Portugal determined by the counterattack, the several is Portugal, unlike Real Madrid to accept initiative to seek the ball charge of. Portugal and Real Madrid isn't same, needless to say, those are the strongest place is almost always to deal with the problem. The fact is that, Portugal can point, would love to the Moutinho Meireleis are players. Should i were the CHIELLINI Italy Away Soccer Jersey coach of Portugal C Ronaldo and Nani players, sidewalks, We design such tactics. "
C Ronaldo, Real Madrid, Portugal; Macy's on holiday? Small law do? Small way to this difficulty feel fear, "can not mention that I never themselves with Macy, It is my opinion, is he must not be mentioned inside the Macy's name on this kind of occasion. Want me to like Messi which BALOTELLI Italy Away Soccer Jersey have lost the ball directly into the goal dead ends, or off this read like it. we are completely different form of player he will be football the very best players within the standing for me, to simply enjoy their own unique role during the team, also, the Bosque to my freedom, and work out every effort to own the requirements from the coach. "

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