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Arsenal 71 million gods foot Manchester United's legendary traitor? Henry Vieira fit

Injury time a final stage of Qinxia Newcastle, Arsenal are in possession of repeatedly lore lore handy script interpretation. Arsenal and thereby become the Premiership ever alone able to consecutive four staged a cure for good play of your team, but their games hit truly the only record, helping the team to penetrate the equalizer, the ball Van Persie, but in addition beyond the United legend Ruud van Nistelrooy while in the league you can find 10 case, with 26 goals, Premier League single-season break highest availablility of Dutch.Leading to a game was traced a great agreement with Manchester, Robin van Persie's status has recently been rumors within the beginning of the first half, the Dutch wasted two break opportunities: the first three minutes, Walcott within the right beautiful biography, Robin van Persie Qiangdian Tongshe not touched the ball; one minute later, midfielder Song sent overheads with the restricted area, Van Persie chest stopping mistakes can't be completed, hit the door. Lose their the possiblility to break the gunmen had again to handle the turnaround of the opponent's task - the game 14 minutes, the Alpha Virginia Mullen after passing the mistakes Lengshe succeeded Arsenal in your home 0-1 behind. However, Van Persie one more time become the banner Arsenal adversity! Rosicky instigated the attack, Walcott cross through the right, closed road, stopping Robin van Persie advantage the opportunity to dispose of Weilian Song, fire enter the almost lost the human body balance! 1-1! 54 seconds will do magic! Captain Van Persie Arsenal equalized. He gains the league 26 goals allowing him to overtake Ruud van Nistelrooy, since the single-season break highest quantity of Dutch. It can be worth mentioning will be the goal after Van Persie just didn't spend too much effort to celebrate, however with teammate simple clap after holding his arms shouting "Come On", this scene makes his teammates tuned in to - a draw is not Arsenal willing bang scored the only real goal for Newcastle stands out as the Emirates Stadium today.Arsenal of firepower right after the equalizer diminished, the initial 16 minutes, the forward pass, Walcott, Van Persie ahead of left side of his left foot shot previously mentioned; one minutes later, Arsenal free do its stuff the penalty area before Robin van Persie shot as a consequence of angle being too Crull, goalkeeper, confiscated; the earliest 37 minutes, the Arsenal midfield steals, Robin van Persie sent forward pass, Walcott lost the other one two players double-team enable you to attack. Continue your second half Arsenal onslaught, the most important 54 minutes, Mikel Arteta for the right low-lying crossing the ball towards restricted area prior to a point of Robin van Persie fired the ball was confiscated by Crull; the primary 57 minutes, Tomas Rosicky restricted area Zhisai, Robin van Persie left the restricted area small angle flow over the door, the Crull foot ball he denied; 78 minutes, Robin van Persie small restricted subject of ??the left foot low shot far corner wide. Exciting lore in the minute of stoppage use of the arrival of Virgin Mullen's goal along at the Emirates Stadium whom boiling, which Van Persie restricted area jumped for one header to result in confusion during the credit of the Newcastle defense line. However lore opponents once the Arsenal captain and Crull conflict upgrade, two yellow card the referee Weber.And some opportunity because the waste but become the overall best lawn mowers of the post-match press conference, Wenger still praise the beloved disciple, "Van Persie give all things in the game, he helped the c's lightning equalized. Robin van Persie and Crull conflict, Arsenal manager Arsene coupled with jokes before, "may be this is exactly only the tradition in the Dutch squad? I haven't had some time and Robin (van Cheap Soccer Jerseys Persie) to discuss it, although the last time it had been just a yellow cards instead of red card making sure that I am pleased that regardless of the odd possibility of ejected Dutch domineering attitude, why people vaguely view the time when the shadow of Jagged captain Patrick Vieira, under his leadership, once approved, no temper, "the Arsenal also revealed Iron style. In this connection, is currently being the "Sky Sports" commentary, the first sort Manchester United captain Gary - Gary Neville is filled praise, "is indeed very funny, the Crull before is truly a delay time When Weiermalun goal after Van Persie rushed off to the right He said: 'dare to remain to delay some time!' This really is a bit too far, but once you are an Arsenal fan, you can expect to think precisely what you want to say this team's leaders during the struggle show a fighting spirit. Arsenal but termed as a team has not been fighting without passion can easily be defeated! "Mr. Arsenal's magical, the spiritual leader of Arsenal, goals for instance Henry plus more such as hemp, leaders for instance Patrick Vieira like Jagged, Robin van Persie for the role of your gunman can not be replaced, like Henry Vieira combination! It's no surprise that the team legend Ray - Ray Parlour said ahead of the game, Arsenal has to be renewed and Robin van Persie, "Van Persie Arsenal selection of cardiac, but his contract while using team only 1 year, and let him free to turn club can not afford the loss of summer months of this year, gunmen are unable to let Robin van Persie to sign anything extension, knowledge to sell him. "such statements typically are not unfounded, as early as before the game," Sunday Times " leaked the good news that Manchester City has to agree with Robin van Persie, the Arsenal captain has accepted the club out of your Premiership's first weekly earnings of ?¡§o 210,000 condition, just to be two clubs finalized the transfer fee. "Daily Mail" reported that Manchester City hopes Robin van Persie brought the the Ittihad course (?¡§o 25 million transfer fee 4 an utter of ?¡§o 46 million salary) into a total valuation on more than 71 million pounds contract.Yet the Arsenal captain will be 5 defected to the stadium of Al Ittihad Judah, Robin van Persie's wife around before the game by pushing special rumors: rumors, most of the rumors, don't fall for them, unless those words out of the mouth of Robin van Persie , "and he himself also go for the pitch to prove his loyalty.Scored wins Van Persie hands in mid-air to express their gratitude on the fans, hard to calm gun enthusiasts also shocked to seek out them several times this season lore opponents? The first few times they comeback when confronted with adversity? Should be to celebrate the victory sometimes have experienced fluctuations? Memorable Old Trafford 2-8 encounter the Red Devils bloodbath, missed a problem, Robin van Persie led the group went to the away fans while in the stands to apologize; memorable Stamford Bridge 5-3 to cut the Blues from his horse, the Dutch scored a hat-trick stretch side of your corner flag pole arms, gun fans pay homage to; more memorable Revenge with the Emirates Stadium Tottenham at Anfield last moment Qinxia the Red Army, glorious defeat Champions League second leg victory over Milan ... today is Robin van Persie, he led this "the worst on the history of Arsenal is pursued by classic. League five-game winning streak from rivals Tottenham, but 1 minute, Arsenal great trend of reversal of good play staged with the standings. Leaving Van Persie This is the voice of your Arsenal fans, Arsenal end with no crown must show ambition! It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 03.014.2012



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