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Arsenal useless see whom who burst but I do not know shame

Burdened with the sworn enemy of the old account away 2-8 defeat to last season, Arsenal once again came to Old Trafford. Repeatedly staged miracle single-handedly won Persie Arsenal, overwhelmed could not swing on a roll inspirational drama for the fans, but at the beginning of the game into a passive. 3 minutes sworn enemy break goal, enough to allow the former unbeaten season aspirations Premiership Arsenal ashamed; goal is the former captain of the mistakes is the current captain, naturally enough for the old giants ashamed; However, such a variety of gun fans brought unbearable, do not and Santos "There is no lower limit" embarrassing performance.
Game three minutes, the functional left-back Santos did not prevent live Raphael, the the latter easily spread the ball Arsenal restricted area, a direct Kobe Bryant Swingmang Lakers Jersey Cheap result of the siege mistakes Weiermalun, "assists" Van Persie easy to break. However, this is not the Santos first "participation" Manchester United's attack. Throughout the match, the Brazilians completely account for less than the upper hand in the confrontation with Valencia. More often, not often be Manchester United flying wing monkey, go past, but could not find each other breakthrough, such as walking back on defense, slow. The defense committed muddy, Arsenal in their own good offensive on the 11th is not very good. The first 10 minutes of the game, the Gunners finally Manchester United restricted area manufacturing from the threat of Santos but with outrageous kick the field goal opportunities Hongxiang corner flag. 19 minutes, in Santos with teammates, did not appear at Manchester United Zhong the obviously empty Nick Young Red Clippers Jersey then pass penetration, but kick returns wasted opportunity teammates. Biography feeling is hard to get back in the 50th minute, and six minutes later, the Brazilian and betrays: Walcott even stopped to wipe go past the Manchester United defense and when the ball fell to Santos at the foot of the left wing pressure unmarked by his foot pass put anti-aircraft guns ...... the defensive Hunhunee, offensive unhelpful Santos's performance is a microcosm of the entire match in Arsenal, Arsenal recent weakness magnified.
Of course, even the poor performance of Weiermalun "accompany" the Santos campaign play worse that does not stand out. " The poor state of professional players is normal, and the fans will not mess a pass granted. Brazilian halftime before a move, however, thoroughly angered the Arsenal fans Boston Celtics Paul Pierce Jersey who - towards the players tunnel, it seems can not wait for the end of the game to exchange jerseys with a sworn enemy players, Santos approached Van Persie conversation two play well the first half of the Dutch apart from anything else, readily took off his jersey and handed the hands of the poor performance of the Brazilian. Santos got Manchester United shirt, seems to feel the atmosphere of subtle, slightly embarrassed jerseys flung behind, rushed into the passage.
Lens of just 10 seconds, enough to ignite the anger of the Arsenal fans. Famous gunmen loyal, Moderator Pierce - Morgan for the first time sent tweets questioned, "This is how is it? Van Persie jersey to midfield Santos? I was speechless." To ascertain the truth, Morgan mercilessly denounced Santos Santos Josh Smith White Throwback Jersey results Persie jersey - "just to see this too shame I hope to get out tomorrow." Daily Mail "entitled" embarrassing! Arsenal fans criticized the the Santos half ask for Robin van Persie jersey move "news cited other fans rhetoric," Andre - Santos ... with actually wearing Arsenal jersey, which is one of the biggest jokes "," Santos should not do it and then play it! "stretched the Arsenal left-back position, however, had to allow Santos to continue the game in the second half, Pierce - Morgan only reluctantly said," What, Wenger you also let Santos play. Well, I had to. "the rest of the Arsenal fans began a desperate cry -" We need to Gibbs injury "," I can not imagine Santos also play the Champions League and Schalke 04 game .

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