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Barcelona finally shot! 26 million euro an elegant offer Spain a trendy yaoxing

Harvey - Martinez is after the Spanish Olympic football team you'll find the London Olympics, however, right out of the stadium around his transfer war but haven't ever stop. Last month, the technical director belonging to the Barcelona club SuBiSaLeiDa and therefore the Athletic Club Urrutia a dialogue, Barcelona put into effect Athletic Bilbao to the argument of breach of contract payments, and by shines the transfer payment,

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plus the Basque club insist that the 40 million contract, breach of contract payments to wind down, think it is the club's policies and image.

Nevertheless, as per the daily sports newspaper reported on Thursday, Barcelona this week to Athletic Bilbao sent an official offer: 26 million. This really is the Barcelona first sent a proper offer, while interesting, Bayern Munich to answer quickly, are going to be

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tied Barcelona 26 million euros offer. Originally everyone believes Bayern Munich have accepted the truth that are unable to import Martinez will quit the chase to make the player, however, the German media reports, in Barcelona sent an elegant offer, Bayern Munich, as Martinez additionally wanted to send on your new offer.

Prior to Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes said Martinez worth 2000-23000000 euros, and accept the cost

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situation, Bayern Munich talent introducing Martinez Athletic Bilbao . Heynckes's remarks are believed to be the development of Martinez all possible are provided for Barcelona, ??because Barcelona's first offer of 26 million euros. However, the German "Bild" reported that once the quoted expense of Barcelona, ??Bayern Munich, sit still, they give you to Barcelona may not be satisfied, determination tied extremely as opposed to the offer of Barcelona.

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/>In principle the sale of 26 million will be a far cry on the requirements among the Athletic Bilbao, Basque Lion executives were being stressed that only Martinez's contract buyout in your other club they should release, Martinez's contract, breach of contract of up to 40 million euros. It doesn't matter how, between Bayern Munich and Barcelona, ??Martinez would choose Barcelona, ??and Barcelona players, specially the Spanish team-mate

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has actually been extended a warm this is him, the Bayern Munich player Martinez, the sheer number of performance unfriendly attitude. The position is likely to be based Martinez Gustavo said: "We are Bayern Munich, during a season, could not win, change is usual, Martinez to, we're not able to guarantee access to the main location. Not surprisingly ,, I'm not afraid, not scared from any possible signings.

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