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Barcelona president: Real Madrid president not friends last season, Real Madrid won the weird

Barcelona and Real Madrid just resumed training, Barcelona President Russell to the Real Madrid fired, it seems like to remind people, even if no game in the summertime, must not forget Real Madrid and Barcelona strong competitive relationship exists.
The Russell Real Madrid Florentino, failed to become enemies of one's language, long ago, over the transfer of Ronaldinho and David Beckham, Russell and Real Madrid, Barcelona Vice chairman Florentino there had Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale a tacit understanding of mutual comity. However, Rossel declared that he isn't friends with Florentino, "I am a fantastic friend of Florentino, within my life, friends only forty-five it."
Russell also stressed that address Real Madrid's provocative, Barcelona is most likely the "eye to get an eye a tooth to get a tooth", based on the contradiction or club from Real Madrid president to respond to, if Florentino attack I may Youth Chelsea Home Long Sleeve Soccer Jersey respond; if Mourinho pick something, Tito (Vilanova) will respond; if Iker Casillas to stir up trouble, then Puyol will manufactured to deal with the problem. "
It reaches the La Liga title race, Russell said: "As we all know, the third league is extremely strange. I often guarantee might be that the new season you can easlily once more let it define the value of Barcelona, ??for being heroines, given that SERGIO RAMOS Home Spain Jersey the opponents do, this is simply not our can decide. "
Cruyff contradiction, Russell explained: "I hope to have enough knowledge to resolve their differences with him, but he was lacking a interest in Cruyff who, but Cruyff then Cruyff, who when the Barcelona president, the saddest things just do not know why smoke several enemies. "
Own contribution in the Barcelona Russell particularly point out the feat would have sign Cheap Chelsea Third Jersey Ronaldinho, "This is a good thing Anways, i do for Barcelona, ??since he changed the direction of Barcelona's history." For ruling in Barcelona couple of years, Russell said: "sports performance is maintained, and even can enhance the economic front, we introduced austerity, and our new La Masia youth academy, the transformation on the basketball hall. These include a few examples. "
Talking about Guardiola, Russell said: "Guardiola and Barcelona from start Cheap Chelsea Long Sleeve Jersey to finish, every two months, am certain that dinner within my house, to reduce him, I think very sad." Russell also praised the Bi Lanuo watts: "Tito is definitely an brave, I would like to move their hats to salute him, he can be highly motivated, and very healthy since October 2009, everyone is obvious, if Guardiola fails to renew their contracts, he can lead as Barcelona coach location. "
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