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Beautiful media: the buss family refused to decentralization

Beijing time on November 13th news, phil Jackson thought himself back to the Los Angeles lakers coach is in the bag things, but the end result but let him accident unceasingly, the lakers chose Michael. Anthony. The yahoo! Sports "columnist Adrian - WoJie nano rosicky said the move illustrates the top refused to Jackson rob class to seize power.
Since brown was Fried, the lakers manager mitch kupchak facing the outside world tell you when the team has a new handsome candidate, this is "Jackson". Perhaps it is because these, Jackson in the negotiations between the two sides do not consciously seek more, Dermontti Dawson Mitchell and Ness Jersey want to in the team for more power and the decision. To the last the lakers still refused to Jackson, instead chose. Anthony.
In heard the staples center fans chorus Shouting "we will phil" slogan, in heard he publicly calling himself back to Los Angeles, Jackson never thought, the lakers will have the courage, local time, on Monday he answer before you called to tell him, "we chose the others." But this scene really happened, the lakers chose someone else.
"Phil aides are convinced that he will come back, he is ready to be boss of preparation, he himself ready to accept the Jerricho Cotchery Women's Limited Steelers Jersey contract on Monday." A to the negotiations inside source said, "but Jim buss gave him a known response."
Kobe Bryant is in the lakers' locker room to the most prestigious players, Jackson thought fly xia can only accept him as manager. But the idea is wrong, kobe Bryant is very much hope that Jackson back, but should pay attention to is that he can accept. Anthony, because Italy and the United States the relationship between the men's basketball team, two people already had a good connection. When all the dust falling timing,. Anthony to do is before and coaching knicks change.
During the Jerricho Cotchery Limited Steelers Jersey knicks as boss, have met. Anthony destitute situation, Anthony don't want to carry out his tactics. There is a guest in Los Angeles, Anthony had to kobe Bryant complained. Anthony defense, when Bryant's response was, he half kidding half seriously to Anthony said: "when you get a defensive?"
Bryant Anthony answer may be a joke, but is the defense can. Anthony in the lakers' one important key to success. In addition on offense he shall make appropriate adjustment, the lakers are not completely suitable for he advocated run boom system.
In the lake two-game road trip, kupchak and coaching staff members believe in Jerricho Cotchery Elite Jersey Howard's existence can let. Anthony become a better defensive coach. Stan van gundy has contacted the. Anthony, recommend he kept teaching assistant Steve Clifford, the ta has cooperated with van gundy brothers, he knows how to make Howard in the defensive end more dominant.
The summer in the Jackson continuously tell people he has retired, don't want to be in charge of the. But when the lakers finished Howard trading construct four giant, "lakers coach phil Jackson" and move, he saw to the 12th championships of hope. Howard existence let the buss family more easy to fire brown, willing to Jackson pay well.

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