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Bela nova: peak kick not the champions league to cherish! The future never is out hard messi

On Tuesday night, Barcelona on the champions league group game against the celtics. Ahead of conference, Barcelona coach bela nova said: "three individuals (peak, Daniel alves and carles puyol) could possibly be won't play. They can attend weekend league, we additionally it depends. This season there is been faced together with the problem of players were injured, although the reality is we must embrace."
When a journalist asked him if he was particularly worried about peak condition, bela nova said: "I for everybody consumers are lots of the same injury concern, I really hope they may once possible. Additionally they return is going to be invited to bring part in training."
About Barcelona exposed defensive problems, nova bela said: "players can't fully explain our Will Allen Women's Limited Steelers Jersey defense problem. We lost lots of goals, it truly is worth our vigilance. That game, a small number of goals way different: some may be not exist penalty, another inside the dead Angle, and still another is our own players scored an own goal this season. We've got three an own goal, it is not a regular phenomenon. Song and javier mascherano, is the best partner, It is my opinion that ball is absolutely not their fault."
Bela nova think, providing that Barcelona now maintain goal difference level won't have a nice problem. He said: "if we prevent the goals along with the gap between every night ., there is no problem. We've 33 goals, is considered the highest scoring team, this data is Will Allen Limited Steelers Jersey extremely good. The biggest thing is whether we can score goals, in solving problems then we are going to naturally less for lost the ball and check out."
About goalkeeper valdes, bela nova made it clear: "valdes to assist you to us win many games and honor, his ability is certainly about his problem. Relating to absolutely nothing to say."
When inquired about teenager Roland barthes's pull and montoya, bela nova pointed out: "you asked Roland barthes's rabbi asked montoya more, but montoya played three games great game. From the final analysis, We are accountable for transfers-will. As for those song, we introduce he besides that allows you to let him play midfield, he will play in central defence. He with the rope stadium Willie Colon Nike Jerseys played perfectly. And adriano, he will be quick, fantastic at defense behind the ball, anf the husband out on ball superior quality, to our defensive concept to hold on to very thoroughly.
Bela in nova opinion, Barcelona reuse can be an example for the academy players. He said: "I need to know how to do an additional teams, but we from cruyff and rick saki get started with reuse academy traditions and cultures. In nearly all game, our starting lineup inside seven or eight academy player, sometimes even to 10. Someday let us send all 11 personal youth squad. Even so the game's ultimate goal is always to win, if you don't win, does that sent 11 academy players is absolutely not important."
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