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Benitez took office insider: ABU 2 degrees invitations

On Thursday night, Roman abramovich is located in west London jeans bridge house inside held a dinner, visitors including new handsome rafa benitez, and the club's technical director angstrom mela's. This is the first time the boss formal and Roman abramovich met, after the two sides only through the middleman and telephone contact. The whole dinner for two or three hours, benitez is the main speaker, he will be about the players, the team tactics and the idea of future description to Roman abramovich to listen to. In football is full of interest and enthusiasm of Russia's rich, especially for benitez intends to how to activate torres interested.
Fire di matteo is not from torres, but defeat Turin world war I, the Spanish Antonio Brown Youth Nike Limited Jersey striker not starting thoroughly detonated the bomb with abramovich in the coach. Don't exaggerate the meaning of fernando torres, also never flex. Since benitez to accept a seemingly crazy work contract, and the first to be from save torres this seemingly impossible to accomplish the mission of start.
His interview as same as 007
Benitez in 2010 from inter after leaving, there are 10 to 12 job invitations, including aston villa, sampdoria and even some from the far east, wages amazing contract. But benitez told his agent, waiting for his "big club" invitation, the team can satisfy the desire for benitez in the champions league, also have title team configuration. Chelsea's second find benitez, the caller is owner Roman abramovich.
But the coach Rashard Mendenhall Nike Game Jersey of the bridge, and benitez any past a job is different. Since abramovich arrived from Stamford bridge, Chelsea have replaced and coach. But Manchester united from 1931 to now, just just to let 9. Benitez also recall this year Chelsea's first find him of the situation, the negotiation are like in a movie in 007. He is prompt drive to a gas station, then following another car came to Roman abramovich "inside wai" two henchmen. Negotiation didn't succeed, but benitez to this interview deep memory.
Even from the pressure of the dressing room, are all unprecedented. Benitez was not good at maintenance and players emotional ties, of Steven gerrard, fernando torres wait for the player to describe benitez and the player's relationship with Troy Polamalu Nike Elite White Jersey the "alienation" of the word. On Thursday, benitez is under the guidance of the terry visit team training base, this fact itself is very convincing, remind coach at the training ground, he is not the only power core.
In order to meet the challenges of the dressing room, benitez did a lot of homework. The first day he and the dialogue between John terry is like this, "I told John terry, I'm from the past (Liverpool) players to get some information about him, they tell me, John terry to young players is very good. He loves Chelsea, passionate. He is that you want to continue to promote the progress of his player. He and I said, when I was at Liverpool and Chelsea Antonio Brown Steelers Elite Jersey game every time, they (Chelsea) show wish to win, I hope they still keep this desire."
The job of madness, that, in the ruthless club culture to survive under. Di matteo is 4 o 'clock in the morning that he was fired. Then mata in the individual's push to express regret, the Buddha handsome called "the club legend". In addition, only John terry, mikel, David LuYiZi, frank lampard and ASHLEY cole to di matteo hair went to comfort message. Di matteo a close friend evaluation: "the club now image is have only oneself to blame." In the crazy and under pressure, benitez can win more time for themselves and respect method, there is no doubt that is to solve the trouble fernando torres.
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