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Bolton or abandoned replay Tottenham into your four-strong student racial discrimination Mwamba was caught

Although the first kind Liverpool marshal Bill - Shankly once said "Football is not to do life and death, but football might be more important than life and death" heroic language, however in the face of death, football is constantly so small. In the FA Cup 1/4 Finals Spurs home game against Bolton, Bolton midfielder Mwamba during the game to the first half 41 minutes sudden cataplexy, people worldwide, he stood with.Following Robin van Persie, C Ronaldo, Pirlo, Mourinho and others have sent his or her blessings, more players are starting to jump on board. "Daily Mirror" said the Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien and Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor visited Mwamba with the hospital, and confirmed, Mwamba were forced to recognize their own individual family, and allows to speak, has been More symptoms of improvement. , Michael Essien confirmed to Sky Sports, Mwamba had twelve and speak English and French. Mwamba's hospital warned that Mwamba is still in the high-risk conditions, stop being blindly optimistic.Teams doctor in the Mwamba fell to the ground, its simple handling, and immediately taken up hospital. "Daily Express", said an authority responsible for dealing Mwamba said the ambulance to the pitch processing set in place, and transferred to the London Chest Hospital is best choice. The expert said: "They can overlook the two hospitals could not go straight away to the Chest Hospital, it's best choice, however, right here is the best place within the time Fabris.The experts also says Mwamba is still in intensive care states: "Fabrice must continue in your Chest Hospital for treatment of recovery, his heart began to beat, but he still has to receive at least 24 hours in intensive care." Bolton coach Owen - Coyle regarding the Cheap Soccer Jerseys Mwamba family thanked everyone for your support. Coyle said: "The the Fabrice family and so i have to bring their thanks to everyone, besides the Bolton fans, fans throughout the world."Mwamba cataplexy, when the referee after consultation with Tottenham and Bolton, decided they would suspend the game, and decided on a replay. According to The Sun News, Bolton most probably will give up this replay, so Tottenham directly qualify for the Top 4. Bolton in the following 48 hours to determine whether to withdraw made by this season's FA Cup.It can be reported that because of the game is the local time last Saturday, held at Bolton and Aston Villa's league game was originally scheduled for Wednesday is postponed, this Saturday and next Saturday Bolton includes a league game, if The replay will be arranged for next Tuesday or Wednesday. Much of the players in private discussions which do not want to retreat to North London ordinary short period of time. Bolton believes that the fight of his life in the the Mwamba still aided by the requirements through the team into your grief and wait for a short time to revisit the venue may be very inappropriate. Bolton coach Coyle said: "the players' status will not be suitable for the game, football is pale now.""Sun," said Redknapp said within an interview, he witnessed the Mwamba cataplexy, had done the worst. Coach as the coach which includes a heart attack, Redknapp has admitted to hospital in November in 2009, and coronary stent implantation, so they're very responsive to heart disease. Redknapp said: "When I saw the degree of the doctors inside the press to his heart, I realized the trouble, I was very desperate. Individuals are shocked."Sunlight IBRAHIMOVIC Jersey also praised the teams doctor available are to save the hero of Mwamba. By virtue of the provisions of the FA, the Premier spread of competition, will arrange specialized medical personnel to the sidelines, as well as equipped with a defibrillator and also other specialized rescue equipment. The Premier League also stipulates which every team have to have at least two medical staff receive professional emergency ambulance training, much like the Spurs, up to five physicians.Redknapp said he was even thought of earlier within the Confederations Cup in sudden death of Cameroon player Vivian - Fu, to express their praise around the Premier League's first-aid measures. Redknapp said: "Mark (Vivian - fu) when at West Ham, was in the past one of my team. Fabris is lucky, he fell with the stadium with the Premiership." Also, although Sri Lanka Rostock City coach Bridgestone would likely to delay the league game with Tottenham but Redknapp shown that Spurs players have begun to prepare the League with Stoke City."Daily Mirror" in everyone the Mwamba moment of prayer, even a ????¡§at??¡§o? students Mwamba, the racist personal attacks on Twitter. It's always reported that in Mwamba cataplexy, 21-year-old Liam - Stacy wrote on Twitter: "killing me, the Mwamba fuck dead passed. (LOL [laugh out loud] F *** Muamba. He's dead.) "This information caused an uproar on the web, including the variety of users, like former Liverpool striker Kelimoer reported within the police, Swansea police subsequently arrested Stacy. Stacy defense, said he is drink say, have no idea of why, and asserted that never racist tendencies. Stacy can thereafter to ensure the no longer used any social traffic was released on bail, it will be sentenced about the 27th of this month. It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 03.021.2012