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C Ronaldo lay the gun! Malaga boss: My horse is all the more expensive as compared to the 96 million C Ronaldo

2009 C Ronaldo joining Real Madrid, worth 96 million euros property value record, had become the highest paid player in today's football. 96 million undoubtedly an astronomical figure on most clubs. May the fact remains, additionally it is someone shouting, that's nothing, because "Even my horse Cheap Soccer Jerseys than C Ronaldo!" This individual is La Liga Malaga team boss Abdullah - Al-Thani .
Al-Thani, Qatar's royal relations, given that the purchase of Malaga in 2010, may be the focus of media attention, as he himself is likewise activists, entertaining Twitter. Recently, some personal Twitter 2012-13 Women's Brazil Home Soccer Jersey account upload a graphic - the pure blood of Egyptian Arabian horses, attractive specifically emphasized that "This horse might be priced at a lot more than any player during the world's higher, including C Ronaldo!"
However, the Al-Thani, which down is absolutely not false. Egypt Thoroughbred 2012-13 Women's Portugar Home Jersey Arabian is exceedingly scarce natural resources around the world, by far the only extant about 4,000 horses Egyptian pure blood Arabian horse, the horse named "living art" due to its pure DNA open for today's world Royal royal family, your dog in the rich businessmen who 2012-13 Women's Holland Home Soccer Jersey is much admired beauty. Egypt Thoroughbred Arabian pure lineage, the sheer numbers of rare value, but under normal circumstances, no transactions in than one hundred million euros, this really is, even though you may have money, need it a thoroughbred Arabian horses you cannot buy.

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