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Chelsea last big! Mr. 40 million inside two selected a 60 minute sent the payment

Chelsea's transfer operation continues, Reported by British media reports, the Blues the final signings might still end up being the heavyweight masterpiece, a good striker came to Stamford Bridge prior to a closure from the transfer market.
DiMatteo, the Chelsea coach, recently made ??it clear that your club still checking dynamic about the transfer market, if there's a Authentic Adidas NBA Jerseys possibility could possibly be shot. "In several locations, there exists a little weak, we now have two interesting young players, but we are going to also concentrate on the transfer market, see how things go about." DiMatteo said the moment, with the Luka library loan to West Bromwich Albion after the Chelsea center also, the thickness is a Carmelo Anthony 2012 USA Jersey Authentic bit more weak, and the requirement for the introduction of striker is clearly there.
The "Daily Mail" disclosure, Chelsea, you will find two transactions in Tan First, Naples, Cavani, and also the other Porto Hu Erke, both worth nearly 40 million pounds. Chelsea, however, the above don't especially like original buying Adjara as going to win in price, Michael Jordan 2012 USA Basketball Jersey the Blues tough, do not want to, they like not to ever buy "taken advantage" should they usually do not discounted.
The "Daily Mail" said Chelsea highest offer in the Cavani ?¡§o 35 million, nonetheless biggest obstacle will be the wages within the center of Uruguay, Cavani's agent to ask for an every week salary of ?¡§o 150,000, Chris Bosh 2012 Finals Road Jersey which is the Chelsea squad information of your highest wage level, that the Blues simply cannot accept. Based on the paper, the Chelsea manager Aimu Gennaro has told the Cavani team, if you can't lower the wage demands, the Blues will no longer seek the introduction of the Uruguayans.
In another transaction negotiations, Chelsea don't want to be Chris Bosh 2012 Finals Authentic Jersey "slaughtered", Porto's Brazilian striker Hu Erke liquidated damages is € 100 million (80 million pounds), but no person may pay so much money for him, Porto own is clear your "daily Mail" said the Portuguese club Hu Erke realistic price is ?¡§o 38 million, you will discover buyers out such a lot of money they may put people.
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