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Chiellini: before not anyone better to your Italian fans to win the championship

Team to make every effort to win, those fans to win 2 to 1, the eu Cup semi-final Italy beat Germany on the final and face have played against opponents on the group stage, Spain, Italy defender Chiellinivictory.
Before the beginning of the ecu Cup, finding your way through the Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys Italian team frequently hit. The initial one is that helpless and chaotic gambling case, the guard Kelixituo may be the team being prepared for police investigation, then the Italian Football Federation announced that won't visit a European Cup with Kelixituo. Kelixituo was the team's starting left guard, and his awesome Germany Soccer Jersey departure for any Azzurri just before the link between ideal to start vanished.
Followed by an earthquake, you will find no significant economic losses, however led to the Italian team prior to a warm-up match was canceled, the Italians leading to a game with Russia, a warm-up match, what this WALCOTT Arsenal Away Jersey leads to was the opponent kicked a 3 to 0.
Memories of your Chiellini laments: "Who could have thought you can easliy reach the finals? 10 days ago, you would think so? And we all are extremely on the trophy, produce your own . to win for your fans, we England Away Jersey provide him with to take the prettiest feeling. "
Italy and Spain within the group had played against, Di Natale and Cesc Fabregas each scored an ambition the 2 sides battle to a quite a few level. 4 years ago, the eu Cup, meaning West teams met inside quarterfinals, one England Youth Jersey last penalty shootout Spain eliminated Italy get and eventually won the championship.
Chiellini said: "the record of history no reference value, we your team will win the trophy, Spain is a superb team finals will be really exciting."
Italy and Spain, the total will likely be 2 am Sf, July 45. It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 06.30.2012