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Conti: you should never value vehicles AC Milan, the next time let Pirlo penalty kick

The rescheduling belonging to the first 33 belonging to the Serie A, Juventus, in relation to a 1-0 enlighten Cesena team and continue to beat the three-point lead AC Milan to occupy the best spot from the league as soon as the game Juventus coach Antonio - Conti accepted a conversation with Sky Sports, many very hot topics to reply.Conti first spoke regarding the game: "It will be mentioned that this game is quite a hardship on us, the opponent often 11 players are holed up in her own half, generates Giants Nike Jerseys loads of difficulties we encountered in the attack, especially space is further compressed, the full game i am almost always expecting to break the defensive, but fortunately my boys accomplish well, Now i'm very likes to show off them, they deserve this victory. It is our mature a proof. "In your first half, Andrea Pirlo penalty had lost a problem, then Conti generally penalties almost develop into a level with the game? Conti said: "I think the penalties just didn't impact on the team's free throws to almost zero, because next Victor Cruz Women Jersey the game has only just begun, we shall continue each of our pace in the game, without resulting from missed a penalties, and mental balance generally if the penalties straight into the penalty, perhaps once the game i am sure easier. "The game two consecutive games in Pirlo penalty throw penalty, penalty Pirlo's penalty moscow and rome round match, Roma goalkeeper Ku Erqi rushed out, websites that tip-in, the game Andrea Pirlo's penalty hit the column, then this next penalty kick opportunity, Conti will arrange Vidal kick it? Conti said: "Maybe Victor Cruz Nike Jersey before we're the number of the penalty is very limited, not on the training which your training of one's penalty, this is our punishment."Consultants during the game, Borriello came from the bench that will help they into the audience just one single goal, which is a goal this current year, which Conti said: "He is worthy of on that goal, I have always claimed that he is a highly strong player, to assistance with the tactical team, be truthful, he was in winter months recently joined the c's, his status is Victor Cruz Super Bowl Jersey not really good, and in many cases some with over the team's rhythm, but after systematic training, he found self-confidence, and begun to progress, retrieve the peak with the state, he's got reason to get additional praise. "Win at Juventus, AC Milan is additionally the location of a 1-0 victory over Genoa, the points gap between your two teams will always be three points, Conti ways to look at final title race situation? Conti said: "First off, I do not care about the AC Milan side within the battle our company Victor Cruz Jersey Red is in the leading position, providing perform our very own part."All at once Conti of these Juventus decide to make history: "Just in 2009, we'd nothing in which we crowded sitting at table, however, nothing, and we also need to eat, in addition to this Before we could only see other folks developing a party, I feel the year of 2010 will vary out of the current pen is each of our hands, we're also making use of it to post historical past, I believe it is invaluable opportunity. " It is composed by MofengNewYorkGiantsJerseys 04.026.2012