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Continuous score in double 432 games,LBJ: can I stronger

Beijing time on November 28th news, lebron James in the open season so far play stability be obvious to all, and not only that, he treats the team training game attitude also fully consistent. According to the south Florida sun sentry "report, Miami heat coach Eric - spor Stella said James for victory desire has already been reached the acme, even the training game also wanted to win, maybe" little emperors "can have today's achievement is to have this kind of characteristics.
"Little Dez Bryant Thankgivings Elite Jersey emperors" James in the open since season every game scoring more than 20 points, 13 games have seven rebounds number reach or exceed 10 times, the remaining few field rebound number are not less than 5 a. James shot also impressive, 13 games only one time shooting less than 47%, still in his play with the flu in spite of illness happen.
"This and he regarding the competition will about." Coach spor Stella said, "great player often are so, constantly through the competition DeMarcus Ware Youth Game Jersey to motivate yourself."
In fact, James morale is not limited in the game or in personal data may be reflected, he in training work rate also daunting. "He will try to win every game, whether in training three on three, four or five to four to five, regardless of which kind of team training game, he will do our utmost to help his team win." Spor Stella said, "this kind of attitude to let him in a real game more stable, and such Dez Bryant Nike Jersey trait also is not I can teach."
In the last week rate team defeated the Cleveland cavaliers, James became the first this season scoring 13 consecutive games over 20 players, and he has continuous have 18 games of the regular season scoring reach or exceed 20 points (including last season), not only that his scoring in double continuous session has reached 432 field and high rank sixth NBA history, but also active first person! "Frankly, I still have room to rise." James said, Dez Bryant Elite Cowboys Jersey "my free throws performance also cannot let oneself feel satisfied, so I still need further improve."
In James' opinion, score and not only can help the team win way, and he is glad of your performance is very comprehensive and very stable. "Maybe I will meet a few field feel not beautiful game, I hope in these matches not blindly to shoot, I actually can do something else, for example, I can rebound, I can pass or let the team in favorable circumstances."
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