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Cristiano ronaldo free kick 91 km/h want to stop are blocked

At the beginning of the Spanish league, Colombia's striker method constantly head suddenly covered cristiano ronaldo, top scorer is tight chasing cristiano ronaldo messi 2 people, once have catch up the potential. And the Spanish media but also agree that once cristiano ronaldo to leave real Madrid, method, take an examination of is the best replacement. The Madrid Derby, cristiano ronaldo is with practical action to prove that he is the bernabeu cannot be replaced by the king.
Cristiano ronaldo is too want to score, the last round defeat real betis, a part of the blame on his downturn, and continuous two rounds have not obtained the Terry Bradshaw Throwback Steelers Jersey goal is cristiano ronaldo is extremely rare ball drought. However, in the face of his two round last season scored five goals of atletico Madrid, cristiano ronaldo quickly find shooting boots, and used his long-lost signboard stunts: elevator free kick! According to the statistics was cristiano ronaldo's free kick speed up to 91 km/h, it is no wonder that atletico Madrid goalkeeper kool chart tile has put his body stretch to the acme, to lift the ball is helpless. Instead, test method, in the face of real Madrid defence is seem a bit impatient, get the ball just curtly choose long shots, can't cause any threat to Heath Miller White Nike Elite Jersey casillas, tiger jehiel, atletico Madrid attack line is paralysis, cristiano ronaldo in the test with the method's bolton where the winner.
Free kick, let cristiano ronaldo opened the scoring valve. Although after eight months, C LuoCai rerun free-kick play goal, but this does not shake cristiano ronaldo has been in the top free kick in the ranks of the master. The Spanish the past four season, cristiano ronaldo has scored ten goals in the first free kick, the second is messi, he scored only six grain. Cristiano ronaldo has free kick goal, the most happy is real Madrid, there are a tricky law, that is, cristiano ronaldo Hines Ward Youth Jersey Nike Limited in the competitions for real Madrid put on 13 times free kick goal, and real Madrid were eventually win. Cristiano ronaldo's efficiency is also amazing, 14 field la liga scored 13 goals, averaging 1 ball efficiency, in the bernabeu made 81 appearances but also scored a be left speechless with wonder or fear of 90 ball! Cristiano ronaldo in the Spanish has made 125 grain of league goal, the distance from real Madrid team history sixth bento has forcefully just a ball gap.
Atletico Madrid don't like cristiano ronaldo existence. Madrid Derby war, cristiano ronaldo to real Madrid have a leap in the history of the first Heath Miller Youth Nike Game Jersey local Derby shooter, 19 beyond the real Madrid legend having SangDi 18 goals record. And real Madrid in recent scored 9 goals of atletico Madrid, cristiano ronaldo is involved in eight of the ball, the ball into 6 assists 2 ball.
Jose mourinho's arrival, let cristiano ronaldo to the state of the blowout. Teacher and pupil once two people join the bernabeu, cristiano ronaldo has scored 98 grain la liga goals, and he made his debut in la liga is only 27 goals. However, cristiano ronaldo and a more awkward data, this season has post (beam) up to 5 times, the data also ranked first in la liga.

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