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Day death ashuai? Old Tony refused to call AC Milan transfer market 1 may be stuck

:"We all know that essential to the game against Chievo Chievo prior to when the press conference, Allegri said. Chievo, an obscure little club, but often play the role of determining the fate with the 01/02 season, everyone thought Inter Milan is down within the Rome Olympic Stadium 2-4 loss to Lazio, the fact is that, if for example the not previously 2-2 draw by Chievo, hasn't been. That time? Chievo, will decide the fate of AC Milan and Allegri?Little or no it's possible to be used within the war ChievoChievo is not the hardest opponent, but the difficulties encountered inside the AC Milan squad, unprecedented race into the AC Milan game day upfront, it appears God has given a threshold Allegri, you're certain, Anthony Benny, Boateng and Mark van Bommel is restored, also through the 2 days, but simply because the game is on Tuesday, three people each of the squad, along with suspended Massimo Ambrosini, Alberto Aquilani Bonera, Allegri in the hands of front line to be complete, nonetheless midfielder back torn apart.The positioning of the low back, no company knows Allegri who's going to use, Ambrosini and Mark van Bommel on not this is actually the season to start Cheap Soccer Jerseys with, this one machine . season, never playing Flamini, half in Lecce fracture Strasser, the primary round on this season after playing only three minutes of Gattuso, all towards a big list, but obviously in such a life and death, they Zhiwangbushang , Seedorf AC Milan list are usually for everyone as defensive midfielder. Seedorf just isn't on season campaign at White Hart Lane that master guest midfielder names are written Lu Yiwu said: "I think now Seedorf hasn't already play midfielder in this particular position, and the second to your small pressure, he had keep hold of the ball. "To make matters worse, the location of the backs, Allegri, called up an utter of 5 defenders, only backs Gianluca Zambrotta and young Desi Leo, but you are a handsome side guard position last two options, perhaps eimanuerson guest exploiting the lack of Boateng, the Dutch certainly should play crappy playmaker. Dissimilar to lots of previous game, the starting lineup is really the most difficult to forecast for that media.Allegri we had not received the existing shell phone"We often on the telephone, obama will submit his thoughts about a game." Allegri said this a few times, each and every field prior to FERDINAND Away Jersey when the game after the game, Allegri could be received Berlusconi the product, but as per the disclosure from the "market", for the loss to Florence, until today, the President of the phone made no incoming. Duplicate one book Corriere dello Sport "Federer once said," Berlusconi directly criticized Allegri is a popular thing, the $ 64000 Berlusconi to anyone, not him, when Leonardo Berlusconi such as the exchange. "at least three days for the reason that case could be very the same as Leonardo's late - if for example the Barcelona scene poor old Tony has not been happy, but he no fool, but in addition are aware that the AC Milan yet to contend not Barcelona, ??but lost to Florence, could very well be lost the league title, Berlusconi really angry.It needs to be said, The Allegri you will find there's redemption, but to check out him holding few of Canzhen capability to win over Chievo a, take a look at Juventus should go through to win. Objectively speaking, the regularity of Juventus within the season week race is actually made up quite a cheap, while AC Milan and does not have the capacity to accept "nothing concrete", and "market" statistics, F. COENTRAO Jersey AC Milan at the moment, N people injured, we have a considerable part does not range from game, but from the training, which, what exactly is the Allegri Milan Lab not tell.The transfer market suffered the attackTight AC Milan situation has got to deal with the transfer market, originally Balotelli Manchester City on the block, the first action should been clamoring Balotelli will join ultimately, with Balotelli agent Layiaola go even close Galliani, an italian man , media, in combination with economic Austria, Dumas said an "AC Milan and Inter Milan ready first Balotelli hands-on", no little substantive news came, however rather to Inter Milan and Manchester City have initial contact, also to create a clear buy-back program, not to imply that Balotelli will go back to Inter Milan, however the Italian media on the overwhelming coverage from this issue, Inter Milan, the action is.Yesterday, AC Milan is checking Columbia Nova Muriel disclosure: "I learned on the agent where that Udinese received the offer of AC Milan and Inter Milan, AC Milan Millions of offers are not news. Inter just quoted, workout routines suggests from the transfer market come early july, getting ready to rebuild Inter Milan wish to target increase investment ALONSO Third Champions League Jersey and funds, to reorganize the transfer of funds, as you move the international Milan continues to be the signings strategy is go, then followed AC Milan AC Milan? Nothing, only this particular passive situation of Balotelli, Pato whether or not the health from the bench, together with sold a portion of the price, the main problem would be that Pato has grown to become another Gansel style "glass", would you pay big bucks to invest in? AC Milan in a position to face a totally rebuilt they, nearly two years time, the effects may as well certainly will not reinvent the wheel, now to compete with the transfer market?Among youngsters, Juventus easily to Boge Ba second-line players because of lots of annual salary, AC Milan, the exact same won't marketplace the point, when the old shell is not going to increase investment or dead to trade the c's, of your long-term , AC Milan, will sooner or later be Juventus overtake Juventus have combined with the green, a beautiful mode of operation, while the basis is almost less, but always gradually built up, when a day both the sides in the same starting line, Juventus AC Milan won't meet up with the thing. It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 04.011.2012