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Day die in Barcelona! At the moment Messi missed two penalties Barcelona lost two championship

Within three days, Barcelona avoid two important events with the championship. First star Lionel Messi in the current two didn't play its due role inside the decisive game. Last weekend's national derby, Messi still did not Real Madrid goal the organization of a shot; this continuation of your curse for the Blues don't score against Chelsea, Messi, bad game, game, Messi also free throws to have a penalties, it is a most vital penalty free throws of his career to this point.Video - Drogba hook down method was sentenced to capital punishment Massey kick hit the crossbar media source: Sina SportsMacy recent Giants Nike Jerseys bad state, whether it is against had repeatedly break the objective of Real Madrid, or against Chelsea never break desire to, he could not get the feeling. Against Chelsea, Messi still could not break the curse, the campaign over, brand-new areas such as continued the curse of Chelsea not scoring in eight games. The game, Messi originally find a way to get the original 49 minutes with the game, Fajin region was tripped by Drogba, Barcelona won the risk of a lack of success, Messi doing my part to kick, the consequence Cech left twist right the interference of Akira, Messi shot Victor Cruz Reebok Jersey Blue the ball high, flying straight from the goal hit the crossbar. When the ball into Barcelona from the other half looking for a 3 to 1 lead, the circumstance may very well be quite different.Messi missed a lack of success pain Messi missed a lack of success pain inCareer, 34 Lionel Messi penalty kick, final results lost eight. It really is worth mentioning usually, only a pair of the eight free throws penalty is kicked, other six are saved by goalkeeper. 2010, Messi has 3 free throws penalty. In a sense, two penalties of his free throws Barcelona lost two titles. Because Victor Cruz Authentic Jersey Cheap in November in 2009, Macy had free throws through the game against Sevilla a problem in case the ball into the penalty couldn't survive Real Madrid was opened points. King's Cup semi-final away to Valencia, Messi has a fine throw a lack of success, but won `t affect Barca straight into the King's Cup final.After the game, Messi while in the Champions League two times free throws penalty, unfortunately tied Ronaldinho, Barcelona, ??the club's history as much as the guitar player of the Champions League penalty throw penalty. Messi in the penalty kick is not in comparison to C Luo C, Luo Victor Cruz Giants Jersey Youth consecutive 22 penalties inside the penalty begun to close Coleman La Liga record of consecutive penalty of 25 penalty, penalty free throws last in Portuguese dating back to December 5, 2009.Home games with the Champions League semi-final, Messi has a tendency to always choose the goal, the ball Champions League semi-final at home against Manchester United, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, including this period against Chelsea, he never achieved make certain. Your initial 83 minutes belonging to the game, after finding the Harvey Pass, Massey shot the ball hit the correct column pop-up, they're dead so i do not have any alternative.Leading Victor Cruz Reebok Jersey to a game against Real Madrid, Messi played poorly against Chelsea, Messi from your restricted area, very small linkage within the offensive factors of his teammates. Designers Barcelona Once Macy struggle to score, the team's record is way from ideal, as 0 0 Villarreal draw 2-0 draw with Sevilla . Champions League with AC Milan 2-0 to shake hands, two against Chelsea, lost inside your home to Real Madrid game, Barcelona suffered the impact of one's Messi dependency. During the excellent Macy state, Barcelona is irresistible, nonetheless recent Macy aren't able to look for the feeling, Barcelona brake. This is usually a significant issue. It is composed by MofengNewYorkGiantsJerseys 04.025.2012