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Del bosque one expresses amazing idea: Spain can recruit into 14 Barcelona player

In Spain won the ecu and World Cup title, the Spanish national team coach del bosque stop by where, are certain to get people's respect, in Brazil this football kingdom, also, he will feel the eyes of fans admire. This bosque said: "this is Spanish football harvest s a refraction any time a few years, we finally begin a extraordinary job."
The confederations cup, the Spanish goal natural or title, del bosque said: "this is also a challenge. The last time we just got your third, it creates the Spanish players feel bitter. We're going Tom Brady Elite Blue Jersey to bring the best squad to war, down to Spain and desire is to find some other world champion, like Brazil, Argentina France to trophies."
The so-called league cup can't win society Cup trophy spell, del bosque said utilizing a smile: "I don't believe this specific thing, I'm sure the truth. Before isn't to state that your particular team can't two successive win the ecu cup champion?" In 2010 golden globe award vote, bosque the golden globe for many of the three votes to international disciple - iniesta, casillas and Harvey, don't throw cristiano ronaldo Tom Brady Elite Jersey and messi. That he explained: "no matter easy methods to vote, doesn't seem possible to allow each person satisfied. I'm grand (assistant) pointed out for many years, I will be since he said. He said" we throw is associated with Spanish football, it is recommended to Spanish football vote. Certainly everyone knows Lionel messi, cristiano ronaldo and didier drogba, moeller their performance, but we is representative of the Spanish football, therefore chose two captain as representative, also chose the euro best players."
For the Spanish team Barcelona player, bosque very calm: "to panama, we needed Will Allen elite Jerseys eight Barcelona players (valdes, Alva, montoya, booth gram, and iniesta, cesc fabregas, villa, pedro), then carles puyol, pique, Harvey and tiago just isn't. Especially Galileo wasnt selected, if he don't regress of words, so distance squad singular step away. We're still on DE los fee black black. If a person day as high as 14 Barcelona player, I could described as up, for the reason that deserve national team selected qualification. The reality is, now real Madrid and sevilla have good team player reserves.
Del bosque said they didn't give Barcelona special care: "we choose Wes Welker Game Jersey players, not to work out once they play in Barcelona. We do recognize it is really bad certainly is the player named in Virginia. If bay, in 2011 to perform well, also can be from the national team. The political level, we recruit back into the bay, Virginia, no one will say anything. However, when don't recruit into an indispensable player, like for example mata, the actual result has got to be dispute, but our responsibility will be to pick a quality players, surely, also want to keep the balance of an team."

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