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Duncan force pressure parker recapture the team scoring champion throne

The new season for a month, the spurs' leading scorer not parker, but Duncan --, averaging 18.7 points at the same time, and 10.1 rebounds.
Duncan's rejuvenation again surprising, last season, their western conference finals loss led young people of thunder, TNT commentator, once on the pitch and Duncan in the lineup of Charles barkley is regrets ground comments. "I think he (Duncan) is history's greatest power forward, but I still hope he retired," Charles barkley said.
But last season's western conference finals have not become the swan song of Duncan, he and the spurs contract for three years, and 36 years old he looks very like "inverse growth". Then a reporter Johnny Pesky 1946 Throwback Jersey to ask parker, "whether you some to dare not believe, your teammates in this age can still play so well?"
Parker smiled, he shook his head and said: "yes, also not."
He each time in the season saw Duncan, and will be some surprise, "it seems that he become more young", but he was also very clear, all of this is not caused by Duncan's talent. "I say, because in 36 years old can still play so great, it's difficult," parker said, "and said I don't, it is because he work hard enough, it will take care of your body."
He went on to say: "Tim concerned about all the details - Jim Palmer Throwback Orioles Jersey sure he eat whether have profit to the body, to determine whether his knee health. So, he looks pretty good.
Duncan knee to he also caused great distress, he also missed because of injury game. "This very difficult, from the ideological point of view, I was sure that I can still hit a high level of competition, but from the physical situation, I have already can't do this," Duncan said, "I can only continue, protect the body, sure that I can build my imaginary level. From the point of view of my career, I think I have done a good job."
He protect the body's another secret that is more dependent on Billy Williams Throwback Cubs Jersey his teammates. "My knee is much better now, no ago so pain, because I found a lot of things I could and his team-mates to do," Duncan said. "this is the key to the way of health."
He helped parker, let the latter at the beginning of the new season of the not to come out, and now parker recovery, and let Duncan has no longer labor. Maybe to play a few games, Duncan will scoring team return to parker, this also is what he expected, want to be able to win the ball, want to be able to carry on the fight, he can never doesn't care about the data.

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