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Eight consecutive field goals! C Ronaldo bunker!14 games 18 goals one more than Messi

Real Madrid in Majorca game, can shoot a series of films comparable to Hollywood movies. Over the years, the two teams staged horror film, hanging intends piece, also contributed comedy with surreal movie, such as the year in the bench Ke Guazi when Helguera and Michel Salgado, Florentino was announced resigned from the presidency of Real Madrid. Jose Mourinho and C Ronaldo, Majorca is a special island. Mourinho is in this island to open their own coaching experience at Real Madrid, C Ronaldo made his joining Real Pouncey Maurkice Nike Elite Jersey Madrid after the first hat trick here.
Goals video - bong repay that sent assists C Ronaldo grab shot fans worship media Source: Sina Sports This time, the performances continue. Before the game, Mourinho Higuain will play left guard, "remarks stunning game, C Ronaldo and Mallorca fans of the conflict, letting game went into a climax state. If this set of two-horse duel theme that "secular" is more appropriate keywords. Mallorca thousands fans shouted insults C Ronaldo, the result has not only to be scolded collapse Portuguese, James Harrison Nike Elite Jersey but was inspired tremendous energy, he scored twice, Mallorca fans completely silent, while the game Luo made front Mallorca fans asking them to increase the action of the curse volume, also gives very impressed.
Real Mallorca game, C Ronaldo has once again become the object of rival fans vent and Mallorca fans do it too far in the opening, they shouted insults C Ronaldo. Sometimes, C Ronaldo will evade those condemning its turn a deaf ear, but this time, in the case of a relatively relaxed game, Lawrence Timmons Women Nike Game Jersey C Ronaldo also began to focus on the attitude of his fans in the stands. Mallorca's stadium to be rude, rude, some fans loudly singing "the Portuguese, is a son of a bitch", "C Ronaldo is a Barbie doll, Barbie dolls" and other "classics".
Unbearable situation, C Ronaldo returned fire, he first waving his arm up and down, and went on with his right finger pointed to his ear, said he did not hear the voice of the curse, requiring fans to raise the volume of the Merril Hodge Throwback Jersey curse. The face of thousands of crazy fans, C is a fearlessly look like saying: "I did not hear you condemning, you have the ability yelled loud point! Afraid ah!" wherever you go, C Ronaldo had to endure this condemning the C Ronaldo responded, hard to say he is wrong, and the insults of his fans, in fact, to give their team a disservice, angered C Ronaldo is one of the most terrifying, he Mallorca to pay a heavy price for the rudeness of the fans.

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