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English newspaper say Chen Mike Mussina due proud madman from Real Madrid to Manchester City or oh no- Chelsea

Mourinho subtle relationship with Real Madrid, the British media of great concern, depending on the latest disclosure from the "Sun", the madman consider proudly leave the Bernabeu during summer, brilliant place is the Premier League.And Real Madrid on holiday to aid players together, and Mourinho at Real Madrid, everything is very delicate, along with the Spanish media is consistently looking for fault with him for the, "Sun" said the madman need to leave the Bernabeu to your victor, a staggering have this season's Primera Liga champions Barcelona is definitely the evidence his best.The New York Giants Jerseys paper announced generally if the Real Madrid La Liga win means no more Mourinho's career within the Bernabeu, the madman turns into the only person to win the championship inside the Premiership, Serie A, La Liga, Portugal, along with his nickname from " The Special One, "into" The Only One "."The Sun quoted an end friend of Mourinho said:" Jose are going to be particular to leave Real Madrid will definitely be back into the Premiership, his goal now could be to win the La Liga champions, Spanish media said 'get out', and Eli Manning Jersey happy back England. only thing he did not know, will be to the Premier League where teams, but pay day loans often be a great number of clubs would like to question him, can never Manchester City, Tottenham or Chelsea, he may have a look at one another's proposals. "In accordance with the analysis of the "Sun", Mourinho in to the Premiership, the two main possible First, Manchester City, along with the other is Chelsea. Manchester City abide by the physical conditions of coach Jose Mourinho, the rich are able to buy, has Youth Giants Jersey actually been initially champion strength, and yet to prove himself as Chelsea in 2004, however, the madman Manchester City a prerequisite, it happens to be Manci Nepalese class, if Manchester City can win this season's Premiership champions, the Italians will on, Mourinho can simply wait.Another sounds incredible destination for a come back to Chelsea. Coaching career, Mourinho aware of climb the best mountain using a glorious image in Porto, Inter Milan are simply just slightly frustrated at Chelsea, it consists of also donrrrt knot of this madman, "The Sun , "said Mourinho felt Ahmad Bradshaw Jersey through the Chelsea goal by no means conquer, and therefore pleased to envisage to settle for prove himself.The newspaper quoted an in depth friend of Mike Mussina as saying: "Jose would like to keep in mind in to Chelsea, he knew the indegent situation belonging to the Blues, actually is well liked recognizes that the actual result is no easy task to go back immediately, but Chelsea employ a special status within his mind, that time period he unforgettable. Should you get back to his first and abu showdown: you might be boss, Mario Manningham Jersey only to stem the boss live, I got their heads coach, they I have got one last say, as an ideal combination. "Uv rays, "said Abu dismissal of Jose Mourinho, try many coach, might not catch the crazy results, Guus Hiddink and Ancelotti is prominent, Boas now into trough. If Chelsea this year, struggle to enter into the Premier League before, Abu could perhaps coaching change, and the back Mourinho, killing two birds with one stone to regain the hearts of fans, software will likely be considered by way of the Russian people. It is composed by MofengNewYorkGiantsJerseys 05.09.2012