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European Cup only Russian team would not "foreigners" the French team at least 13 half-breed

According to shine media reported on the 14th, the Russian team to sign up with the European Championship football team is definitely the only "foreigner" team.
According Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale to reports, all participants swapping the whole bath European Championship team, a common Russian team players "root seedlings of red" Russians. "Hybrid" record by French from the WALCOTT Arsenal Home Long Sleeve Jersey French football team inside the cause of 13 players in the foreign country. Netherlands, pursued by nine players of foreign origin. Croatia and Ireland team of eight WALCOTT Arsenal Away Jersey players of foreign origin. Poland 5 players of foreign origin in the first six, Greece, Portugal and Sweden there are 5 players of foreign origin.
Foreign origin WALCOTT Arsenal Home Jersey players means have dual nationality also know as the parents have aperson from another country.
Euro entry of foreign descent enough team players:
France: 13 Netherlands: 9 Youth WALCOTT Arsenal Home Long Sleeve Jersey Croatia: 8 Ireland: 8 Germany: 7 England: 6 Poland: 5 Greece: 5 Portugal: 5 Sweden: 5 Ukraine: 4 Italy: 4 Denmark: a Czech Republic: a Spain: 1. It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 06.16.2012