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European giants jersey sales chart: Real Madrid, Man utd tied NO.1 Barcelona third

Manchester United with Real Madrid may be the world's best-selling jersey present in clubs, according to statistics prior to now graduate students (2007/08-2011/12 seasons) Man utd Real Madrid a yearly average fans shirts and sold 1.4 million, way over other European giantsmuch higher. But Manchester United's shirt sponsor is Nike and Real Madrid's shirt sponsor is Adidas, Nike one more time to form a Authentic Adidas NBA Jerseys rival of one's potential for the shirt sponsorship with Adidas.
Another La Liga giants Barcelona jersey sales can also be good, with Manchester United in the same shirt sponsor Nike, annual sales one particular,150,000 jersey. Champions League last season, Chelsea (sponsored by Adidas) jersey sales through the fourth, an annual average of 910,000 sold. Started in the sales for this top Bayern Munich (sponsored Michael Jordan Olympics Jersey Cheap by Adidas), Liverpool (formerly sponsored by Adidas, now change sponsorship for your Warriors), Arsenal (sponsored by Nike), Juventus (sponsored by Nike), Inter Milan (Nike sponsorship) and AC Milan (sponsored by Adidas).
The Adidas Chelsea's progress is amazing, Two years ago Zhezhi London jerseys sales with Bayern, and Liverpool play for one draw, and so scores sales in excess of both traditional giants after Real Kobe Bryant 2012 USA Jersey Authentic Madrid, and total the ranking rose to fourth. For example, The Chelsea jersey sales a breakthrough undoubtedly won during the 2011/12 Champions League. Premiership last league champion Manchester City shirt sales is definitely low, last season, the figure was only 250,000, the achievements of in history five-years is 175,000 every year, this figure also let Manchester City ranked 17 in Europe jersey sales chart It is composed by MofengCheapNBAJerseys 10.10.2012