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Football team New China Women will probably be released to experience in the heat within the Eastern side veterans

You missed the entire world Cup and also the Olympics, attend roses now directly connected steel qualification went East Asia four. Last FIFA ranking women's team was announced in August the year of 2010, china team ranked 19th position in Asia is in Japan, Australia, North Korea and South, precisely the first five. Precisely the top three in Asia below the provisions on the national team of girls from Asia Football Federation to find direct access into the qualification race East Asia four and other places, you will want to play qualification.
Australia this year was absorbed into the Union East Asia four East Asia, the Australian team in 2011 may be the first "wild card" application, Australian women also compete in qualifying races qualifications. Because of that, Japan, North Korea and http://www.redskinsfantastic.com/doug-williams-jerseys-c-6.html Mexico directly while in the race, men and women team wanted to do qualification. In this manner, the Australian team may become a robust opponent of Chinese women football. "In the team qualification East Asia four Attend more Chinese women's football combined with Hong Kong, China, Chinese Taipei and Australia, but only to first team East Asia four race, and then we started preparing before long, and in addition we make an effort to get a's and b's. "Hao Wei.
Marshal Hao Wei as head coach ahead of Chinese women football has missed an unparalleled world championships and Olympic Games. "Although there was clearly no major international competitions, the team was a student in much more two years, but truth be told, getting a team, not much of a specific time able Perry Riley Jerseys to perform a quality job. Me in this particular position, however, the emphasis was on teamwork. "Hao Wei. Since December 2011, an exciting new idea of Chinese women's soccer headed Hao Wei getting referrals, but as a result of ability to highlight newer answers are not satisfactory. "Some time ago I did so watch this sport, find other players to teach, searching for a means to facilitate the exchange of old fast to correspond to women's football." Hao Wei told the reporter.
Using the report of this Football Association and discuss, Hao Wei his coaching philosophy: "More than a few after recent hunt for the practice of Chinese female staff to prepare football completely strives to generate new people, and will not reduce the combat capacity for the team, the external representation http://www.redskinsfantastic.com/lorenzo-alexander-jerseys-c-43.html of this picture of Chinese women football of Chinese football, so your effects are very important this is not to lose time. "It is reported that recently, the future of Chinese football, "Ten-Year Plan of one's Chinese Football Association football on Achievements of Chinese women -" Back National Women in Asia first three advance to the World Cup, "and the formation associated with a new recruit inside power of veterans, they play a role in "mentoring", "The national team is. oneself behalf for the state when you East Asia four Rennenkampf not even go, then turn lose an useful possibility of chinese people women's football is lacking competition and lost a fitness platform. communication with several veterans long for them to exist more team play in heat again. "Hao Wei right sincerely. It is composed by MofengRedskingsJerseys 10.17.2012