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Gasol: we'll see about that! I and warcraft can run

Mike. Anthony come! Although a formal game hasn't hit, "run bang" the taste is already filled with every corner of the Los Angeles.
When a team of new handsome, and everyone thought of the person different, when interim head coach in public "vomit tank" said only "weird to finish the job," city of angels every second, with somewhat mysterious.
"Everyone has a expectation, and are very high." Before talking about the lakers coach phil Jackson, pau gasol said. Before all the people say, Jackson --, lead the team took five championship name handsome, will become the new Ibrahimovic Away Jersey 2012 boss.
"I know (fans) want phil become our new boss, but management do they think best for the team's decision," for this summer's just airborne Los Angeles Howard speaking, he has ability to quickly adapt to the so-called fugitive life, he said, "I'm not disappointed. I told them, a reason for it. We just start the season experience these unrest is a reason. I think, whether for a team, or our personal, this is a good time to show our tenacity."
The arrival of. Anthony also let pau gasol remind of a few years ago and the AC Milan long sleeve Jersey sun to play against scene, Nash rate team to blow "fight cyclone" let now, he felt a headache.
"In such a system will play is very interesting. There are a lot of opportunities, the speed as much as possible, this is also a kind of selfless team basketball," gasol said. "that's hard to (defense), especially when you have a can distribute the ball control guard to play when pick-and-roll, put the ball to open, their players are all have power, can be in the streak, they can play with rich change pick-and-roll... you hard to prevent the Xavi Away Jersey next time, again, endless screen and roll. This is very challenging.
But, for the lakers, it help "old arm old legs" can run, drum up?
"We will see," pau gasol and then said, "we must adapt to. Dwight and I was inside the generalist. We can run offense, can also play in the low post positional warfare. I think it will be part of our attack."
"Warcraft" for such system more looking forward to.
He had more than once in the game suggested his teammates need themselves during vitality. "I think it is good for us to Wilshere 2013 Long Sleeve Away Jersey speed up the pace," Howard said, "we have a lot of veteran, we have to let everyone find their corresponding position. Once we everyone's condition is better, we will be able to enter the pace of the game... all of these make our expectations are very high, because we know that we are in the situation outside. For old players, young boys can help them to improve the training effect. As long as chemical reaction began to rise, it will prevent us from is it."
The office. Anthony, Los Angeles at the beginning of the change.

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