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Genoa Waterloo fans riot at-home took office 20 days to close both coach fired

Struggling on your relegation of Genoa in the modern round of Serie A 1-4 defeat to Siena, the Ferraris stadium fans riot allowed the team's next two home games was sentenced to "close", will notallow fans admission spectators.Genoa, in our round of League home 1-4 loss to Siena, sits the property team performance is very bad, the game only New York Giants Jerseys 49 minutes, already 0-4 behind. Race within the first 53 minutes, the angry fans had had enough, angrily threw fireworks, bottles and also other debris into the floor, and climbing fencing to protest. The game was required to interrupt for Thirty minutes, the members are scolded not need to wear the Genoa shirt, crying and removed his shirt to Victor Cruz Women Jersey comfort angry fans. (Related: Serie A protest around the game interrupted for a half-hour players been accused of crying over shirt instantly) after getting the report of this game, the Italian Football Association, made ??to Genoa at the moment, the rest two home is not going to enable the punishment in the audience on the concise explaination race .Genoa Victor Cruz Nike Jersey plot 36 points in your Serie A league standings ranked last 4 from the relegation zone only 1 point higher, the relationship is extremely dangerous. Genoa, uncooperative two home games there is much surprise against Cagliari and Palermo, Palermo, 41 points and 38 points Cagliari is a key rival of Genoa relegation while traveling home fans suggest the Genoa Victor Cruz Super Bowl Jersey relegation road seriously isn't optimistic.Following your 1-4 defeat and fans riot in Genoa also have the second time there is much surprise, only 20 days in office, coach Malesani was fired last year's 1-6 defeat of Naples, Malesani was forced to leave a job to, hadn't thought yes, come back to succeed Marino in April, he again simply had Victor Cruz Jersey Red to leave.Genoa has confirmed your Deca Mourinho has coached the team as being the team's new coach. Xipu Lei economic Oc?¡ì|, Genoa, inside an interview said: "the decca Mourinho will be new coach of Genoa, he will be led today your initial training" Deca Mourinho took office following the first game is the week with AC Milan away game. It is composed by MofengNewYorkGiantsJerseys 04.025.2012