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Guardiola favorite people don't send him Messi: so sad won't go

Guardiola announced this couldn't be the Barcelona coach's news conference, to Carles Puyol, Xavi, Fabregas, Pedro, Iniesta, Valdes, Busquets, Piquean important person the eight locker room, they have got appeared within the press conference, with melon handsome advance farewell, also said the support and thank the melon handsome. However, it had become Giants Nike Jerseys incapable of understand is which most have Guardiola "pet" Argentine star Lionel Messi, but don't play the farewell press conference.Messi absent Guardiola announced the departure of this press conference, ended in the speculation. Media reports, Massey expressed dissatisfaction in the national derby Guardiola Guardiola arrange Pique and France starting practice is amazingly  wrong, but even their most trusted player Lionel Messi accused Guardiola most made ??up my determination to depart Barcelona. Argentina reporter Jorge said: "Messi via the impact in the game. His complex feelings, chose to steer clear of the media that she were separate conversation with Guardiola. Some small flea Guardiola's formations Victor Cruz Giants Jersey Youth disappointed. "News conference, reporters asked why Macy just didn't come, as Messi Guardiola argued that: "Massey's heart in here the players to show love is incredibly special."Later, Messi in FACEBOOK personal page to spell out reasons why not attend the press conference: "I Guardiola around my career and private growth process offered Victor Cruz Reebok Jersey me a lot of help to express my sincere gratitude as the heart is felt emotions, I chose to not ever practice Pape's news conference, from the media, because I am aware of the media will get the player's sad expression, in accordance with this, I made the decision to never attend Victor Cruz Women Jersey the press conference. "It looks like about Guardiola and Macy cracks rumors may not be true, from the Guardiola men grow the world's first superstar Lionel Messi, you don't have reason this is not to appreciate the mentor. He just afraid too emotional in a news conference which might not suppress sad, so chose to sidestep. It is composed by MofengNewYorkGiantsJerseys 04.028.2012