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Harvey gave away the heartbreaking secret even the locker room I would not know melon handsome stay without leaving

Time have been entered at the end of April, the time of year with the biggest stage, however, Guardiola renewal on the problem remains unresolved, Believe it or not, don't merely the fans and also the media are unsure Guardiola will always be on, even Barcelona The participants don't large enough . head coach within the team next season or Guardiola. Within a media interview, Harvey said Guardiola if they should remain blind to.Guardiola and Barcelona's Cheap Soccer Jerseys contract caused by expire on June 30 at the moment, and Barcelona club as soon as the end of last season to melon handsome sent an understanding extension, even so the latter but signed anything. Harvey said that locker room is uncertain Guardiola Is how you can think, inside the locker room, she has not discussed renewal of contracts, he only agreed to be talking about tactics, strategy football. As part of his decision, the first KAKA Jersey person to know in comparison with chairman of your club, once the club probably will make a declaration. "Harvey testified that Guardiola if you can not renew their contracts, your times of Barcelona cannot collapse, "the club don't sink, however, remain in Barcelona is significant if you ask me, melons Dior pull Barcelona these years, the real key to success is the most essential contributor, we start to use him to last, of course, by some NANI Jersey decision. "Harvey Guardiola is stuffed with praise:" He's a superb coach, his tactical ability, a chance to mobilize than someone else well, he is be familiar with people 'see sight' coach, as a result perspective, we're very proud to get his players to look at with melon Dior pull as compared to this I am very hurt. "Even though people think Harvey is the perfect coach in Barcelona, ??Harvey is not going to think so: "I BENZEMA Home Long Sleeve Jersey don't think the crna can be a coach, as well as the future will need to wait and determine how, nevertheless moment I had no clue the moment the coach."For that upcoming national derby, Harvey said this could be a "final", "the league championship a hefty extent determined by the game and we will try and make your Barcelona winner points to narrow the space to 1 point. once 10 points behind now loaded with expectation BENZEMA Home France Jersey we certainly have completed the turnaround of troubles. "On your game itself, Harvey said: "Real Madrid are actually used for a assortment of tactics, in which we are yet to changed in a different game style we pursue the ball, similar to the protagonist from the game if Barcelona win, we win there is certainly still hope , in case lost, that Real Madrid around the championship. this game is life and death battle. " It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 04.021.2012