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he birth in the first club in European Cup Clan Real Madrid rule!Mourinho lucky

European Cup, suggests that it will be in Europe team event, behind its competition using their respective club competition. Statistics show that all this time, has scored 69 goals on the current European Cup, the players from Real Madrid contributed seven goals, ranked from the the surface of all clubs, inspite of 8 into 4 last World War I England which the Italian results, the four semi-final team look 10 Real Madrid players, nine who are Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys often the main (only Albiol is Spain's substitute defender), generates other clubs to trap up. In a sense, the important Madrid may be the very first in Europe, "the club!
Belongs to Real Madrid's seven goals from four Scorers were three goals in the C Ronaldo, today the French within the two-goal Fernando Alonso, in addition to Greece scored the shells goals "Hedi La , and Pepe opened the scoring against Denmark. Its arch rival during Spain Home Jersey the league, Barcelona, ??owing to "localization rate" may be very high, for that matter, they're able to only look at local team goals, up until the Barcelona goal originating from a small law goals. To be sure that previous quarter, Champions League, Chelsea, so far only two goals which is available from Torres. Ranked Real Madrid following a second club through the European Cup goal is cold, Wolfsburg, excellent heading ability Croatia center Manzu the Keech Germany Long Sleeve Jersey team match scored three goals, Czech midfielder Iraq Cech playing two goals, Wolfsburg with five goals in second, then each into 4 balls of Manchester City and Bayern.
Has been carried out in three playoff games, Portugal 1 0 wow the Czech Republic's best players naturally is always to score C Ronaldo, Germany swept through Greece's best players 4 to 2 is as a result of two direct assists as well as two indirectly assists Ozil, France Home Jersey while today France Alonso doing my part of the Battle of Spain, scored twice while in the overall best. Mean that a few of the playoff games are Real Madrid players! England v Italy aren't going to be Real Madrid players, but the four wise to remove three ordinary Portuguese fans identity match Mourinho hearts bound with pride.
Spain and Portugal inside the semi-finals of rendezvous, to make certain that Real Madrid have a very numerous France Soccer Jersey players on the starting lineup, on condition that no sudden injury body, you may make sure that inside the starting lineup: Spain's Iker Casillas, pull Moss, Fernando Alonso and Arbeloa. Ronaldo C, Portugal, Pepe, and Cohen, trans. Another German team, Ozil and Hedi La, pre and post the nine main-level players, the second keep in mind the Spanish team also sat for the bench Albiol, which means that Real Madrid 10 people on the semi-finals. Benzema go back home.
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