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Hello 150 field! Barcelona core legend record

On October 22, issue for the Spanish "world dello sport says, Harvey in last week's league play a crucial role, he came on and iniesta fight shoulder to shoulder, to ensure that the Barcelona in the ball of this power over the celtics, Harvey will come back to the starting lineup, however, the game may even expand his legend.
Harvey results in being the Barcelona club history the pioneer international appearances to 150 field players. He was 11 hey with Barcelona, have been wearing red basketball clothes for additional than 20 years. Thus far, Harvey for Barcelona played 149 games intercontinental competition, including 128 uefa champions league, champions league cup, 13 games 3 games European super cup and 5 field club World Cup, a total of scored 12 goals. Harvey back, carles puyol and valdes with Will Allen Elite Steelers Jersey 133 and 109 war ErSanWei rankings.
32, Harvey from the club have won 20 league titles, he can be a living legend. "World dello sport think, Harvey will probably break paolo maldini created the 181 field club international record. At the moment, in before Harvey, and paolo maldini (181), raul (168), clarence seedorf (167), zanetti (156), Ryan giggs (151) and carlos (150 a). In this five players, only zanetti and Ryan giggs is still active in European football. But weighed against the telephone, 32 year-old Harvey could even be young player.
Harvey power infinite, he represents barca won three big champions league trophy, two European super cup and two everything club championship trophy, with the exceptional great legend, begin from 1998's. On August 18, 1998, Harvey in Spanish super cup final towards the very first time Alameda Ta'amu Elite Black Steelers Jersey that on behalf belonging to the Barcelona first team appearances, he made his debut in also scored a goal. Soon afterward, Harvey became coach Louis van gaal important pieces. On September 16, 1998, Harvey first representative Barcelona to perform any international competition. At old trafford, Barcelona and Manchester united play a classic 3 to 3 draw, Harvey on the 67th minute substitute. Ryan giggs and Paul scholes early even into two ball, Barcelona 13 minutes early during the second half by Anderson and thermal Mr Tile the equaliser. David Beckham goal in the 63th minute, luis enrique 7 minutes will score frames for 3 to 3.
In the old captain josep guardiola after retirement, Harvey became Barcelona midfielder best successor. Irrelevant of pointer in your Louis van gaal, rick saki, AnDiJi, rijkaard or josep guardiola between Will Allen Elite Black Steelers Jersey alternate, Harvey always is due to the crucial position. He has the coaches during the field belonging to the extension, he relating to the lawn which includes coach, thinking, but he has been not considered retirement may teach. To Harvey, it is essential to control the ball, grasp the rhythm of this attack, and the man likes their feet and incapacitated, a a web site preparation game, now his goal is usually to play a fantastic game against the celtics.
In his career, a total of 6 times and Celtic cross swords, Barcelona's record of three wins, two draws then one negative. Much more meeting, within the season 2007/08 uefa champions league quarter-final second round. With Harvey in 3 minutes of lightning goal, Barcelona 1-0 score beat the celtics, 4-2 and then the total score to head.
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