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Howard: already know where is the season to be why can't and kobe Bryant coexist?

Beijing time on December 13 news, the Los Angeles lakers recent performance let advocates was disappointed, as the key player Dwight Howard will naturally be attacked object, but he has to feel very grievance. In an interview with the Los Angeles times, "warcraft" said know where is the next season, with kobe Bryant said coexist.
Howard wanted to please others, but perhaps he is too sedulous want to do this and counter-productive, and now he is learning how to ignore others to kobe Bryant to own view, the latter is the master in this respect. "It's bothering me, but I have to find a compromise." Howard said, "if want to ascension to another level, so we must think of a way to solve the Custom Redskins Game Red Jersey problem.
The lakers now record that Howard mood fell into the valley floor, he says he will not try again in the game the jump shot attack (before the game even hits three points), also won't like that part will be in the past time in jumper practice, "warcraft" implication is to want to play hardball. "I hate clean shots." He said, "from the bottom of my heart, hate myself at pitching, know why? I have been think if he missed shots, then will make everyone feel disappointed.
Although Howard on the pitch is always put on a smile, but it is hidden behind the huge pressure, he said they see lebron James title should cry, on the one hand, is for "little emperors" Custom Redskins Game Jersey achievements and feel happy, another is for you can't place oneself in the NBA finals feel uncomfortable, even in 2009 led the magic to the NBA finals, Howard still will be can't win and cry bitterly. "I am a very emotional person." He said.
Talking about why you love to laugh, Howard given reason is quite convincing. "In life, before my mother has suffered a miscarriage seven times." He said, "didn't think I can smooth birth, so rushed to this point, I also have reason to feel happy.
"People don't know that I in the background in order to get better effort." He said. "they just that is I screwed up everything, but can't because I often show a pair of smiling face feel Chris Cooley Nike Jerseys for victory desire to less than kobe Bryant." Howard think leave magic is how strong their competitive spirit that the best example, he doesn't want to stay in a from the boss to concierge all don't believe you can win a championship team.
There is no doubt that the lakers win the prospect and the team will win are far above magic, so Howard firmly believe that I made the right decision, and asked if next season will be clear in where (Howard will be at the end of the season be unrestricted free agent), he said: "of course I know." For Howard's comments answer, can take it for granted that he wanted to stay in the lakers, but there are still reporters he Darrel Young Nike Jerseys further beat around the bush, "if the lakers can't win, so whether you will choose to leave and to other teams?" Reporter asked.
"This is not I weigh or leave basis." In Howard opinion, the lakers wanted to the title, it is enough, "what reason can make me not love this lakers?"
So how Howard see themselves and kobe Bryant is difficult to "coexist" point of view? "Why not coexist? Just because we style different? I'd think 'heterosexual' phase suction. Howard said, "kobe clearly how much I hard, I also just want to win, we are also very desire to perform, to want to play a game in two hours and twenty minutes in the game, people eventually still want to see a good show.
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