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Inter ahead of schedule in March to finalize the 17 million transactions giant personally confirm Jiang Yuan handshake

Bench after nearly a month's time, Zarate finally appear again in the arena of Inter Milan, but unfortunately he came up from the bench 28 minutes, the performance remains quite bad, it is from the unique circumstances, Zarate's brokerage has already begun for his revisit Lazio after the situation initiated a policy of to work.Stepping to the summer transfer window to shut the last minute to become listed on the Zarate, may be the Inter Milan toss in the towel, Italian media said early in the winter transfer Inter Milan will agreement with Lazio to sublet Zarate, but don't succeed. But the summer to quit Zarate, this is already a certainty. Corriere dello Sport has says Inter Milan will certainly not spend 15 million buyout Zarate because count the rental fee of 2.7 million euros, the Zarate worth close to 17 million, but his performance up to scratch for him worth.Its understood that currently fully operational matters Zarate is Cheap Soccer Jerseys his brother Sergio - Zarate, instead of the operation as he joined Inter Milan Pozzo. Rome, local media, "Corriere dello Sport" observed, Sergio has recently begun with Lazio high-level contacts for you to ease the marriage between the Zarate Lazio main Xiluodituo, the Prior to the transfer last summer, the the Zarate Lotito relationship strained, these days he can simply be Inter Milan return back to Lotito men must therefore be re-repair the relationship with the President. Sergio activities in the other side to prove, Inter Milan has become finalized Zarate transaction, he has to leave the San Siro during the warm months.Leased Zarate don't stay, but on loan to look out Viviano will settle for his agent Ludwig Raleigh for the "market", said: "I think Inter Milan attempt every methods Viviano back to the San Siro, his performance is excellent, Inter Milan will certainly buy back his. "Viviano effectiveness of Palermo coach Zamparini said:" Viviano is actually a GONZALEZ Jersey excellent goalkeeper, his trust, but he was completely Inter Milan occurred in my hand, they actually would not permit Palermo (Italy Inter Milan certainly buyout) the exercise with the powers of Viviano if Inter Milan is ready, they'll buy way back in June Viviano stipulated during the agreement of Inter Milan and Palermo, regardless if Palermo proposed buyout Viviano, Inter Milan offer the right to reject, while Zamparini's statement revealed that Palermo to let go.Viviano, surely, come back, doesn't imply that Cesar farewell, Ludwig Reilly said: "It continues to be too early, and Cesar still is a very good goalkeeper, but another reality really clear that that is the future of Inter Milan Viviano. "On one other hand, the well-known transfer experts Peiduliya revealed that in the" Digital Sports "disclosure of your relationship between Inter Milan and Isla "Isla Inter Milan is very likely to sign the participants, both sides need only settled a number of the details of the stipulations." It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 03.023.2012