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Inter when buying new Pique exposure deal formally approved when using the initialling of any genius Barcelona suddenly heist

Home against Siena, genius Mercedes Castro, the previous Inter Milan in becoming ahead of focus of attention, Moratti and Paolillo leading to a game about who this year, the striker scored eight goals within the game Mercedes Castro, almost single-handedly break Cesar's goal, his shot was saved by Cesar, though the attack still changed to score.Fernandez Castro, not regret, this is actually transfer market. "Moratti say until the game, compared Moratti, CEO Paolillo is exposed on television prior to a tone of regret, he was quoted saying : Mercedes Castro Inter Milan regrets that he's a good player, but we have got Eto'o, Milito and Balotelli, so he decide Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys to sell. "but out of your current situation, Inter Milan have a great deal of want to recover Fernandez Castro, while he is actually vested in Genoa, Siena, Genoa, together with the Inter closely related, an italian man , media said the Inter Milan is likely to hands from Genoa bought 50% ownership of Mercedes Castro, to have the return of Mercedes Castro.Mercedes Castro, Balotelli, both the been required to stop players, Inter Milan have the opportunity to re-sign them, while other young players, Inter Milan also pay close attention to this acquisition in the local time yesterday Inter Milan deal was confirmed. Chile, "Daily" and lots of other GIGGS Away Jersey local media said message, Inter Milan acquired the young defender Lee Malinowski transaction has actually been officially completed, the c's currently playing inside the Catholic University of Chile, 18-year-old guard height of 1 meter 87, the Italian media called "Pique. It is usually understood that Inter Milan to sign Lee Malinowski spent relating to the price of 2.5 million euros during the warm, he will officially joined the San Siro.On the other hand, had heard initialed by Inter Milan Argentine teenager Di Bala boasts an innovative message, the "market" quoted vacation Cady Nasseri radio news that Barcelona began 2009 about the Diba La very interested in, and already his RAMOS Home Spain Jersey agent approached Cady Nasseri radio interview, Di Bala told reporters: "My agent laughed and said that Barcelona really interest me, I am just am incredibly, having said that i must remain calm, and after that continue by myself good play, and now achieve is definitely that can be played well with the team. "In fact, Italian media said the Inter Milan in January, has signed a Di Bala, but on account of passport problems, the sale was expected to postpone, but his agent Peron in a very months ago confirmed that this passport issue has actually been resolved, Di Bala are going to be joining in the summertime. Now SERGIO RAMOS Home Long Sleeve Jersey Barcelona involvement, perhaps make things a brand new turn.In the summer transfer market, Lucas is both possible and join Inter Milan as Inter Milan the recommended Kudiniao famous broker, Durant can be described as reminder of Inter Milan, they have yet to celebrate the achievements of to the football market, Durant said: "Inter Lucas' favorite is not to cover, the good news is desires to get the team along with the sale of the team, together with this injury is a significant gap. "Durant view, Sao Paulo, Lucas of valuation is extremely high, which is oftimes be the main obstacle to Inter in the last minute in the trading. It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 04.013.2012