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Italian core lightning mutation within the mistakes the king of Pakistan God is his use look at life

Due to injuries, team match against England, Italy coach Prandelli were forced to adjust the starting lineup. Yet the former striker, he retained the amalgamation on the teams within the group prior to the two games. If Balotelli before, then take into consideration life today, turn Cassano good and the bad within the.
Today's match, an italian man , team it is rattling the heavy responsibility on the Cassano and Balotelli, but obviously, watching the big burly England, Cassano won't quickly go into the state. Until nine minutes before he appeared on the Cheap Soccer Jerseys lens, was the Italian team a long pass in your backcourt steals, Cassano had the ball straight, while the Italian team's two forwards formed a tacit understanding. Cassano's pass deviate belonging to the direction directly goalkeeper Hart. Restricted area just before the first 18 minutes, Montolivo around the right rear body catch Montolivo and could not like to stop the ball, but directly ventured into cross restricted, but Cassano follow-up slower, the ball would be to attack Special confiscation. 20 minutes, De Rossi prior to forward pass, Cassano turned a breakthrough near the Spain Long Sleeve Jersey penalty arc following on from the ball, in actual fact, he already kicker the prospect, but he became a little hesitate to overlook from, until he decided out of your feet, disclosing the ball from his feet not passing shot was blocked or destroyed. 22 minutes, Cassano attempt long-range kick, the ball above the crossbar.
The game 43 minutes, the Cassano error almost caused an italian man , team lost the ball. During that time, De Rossi inside former left Rooney violation of this referee the normal the nsa penalty kick, the Cassano Youth WALCOTT Arsenal Home Long Sleeve Jersey originally meant to quickly free kick, after which his cross to England, England quick counter to create a 4 situation, through Bo Nuqi timely into the foot, the destruction belonging to the Rooney's pass while in the hinterland of one's side. The ball belonging to the situation is pretty dangerous, you're sure, England's Wayne Rooney, Welbeck, and Ashley - Young, have speed, as well as three Man utd jamming with the understanding, if Wayne Rooney's foot pass sent the ball around the restricted area, an italian man , team lost the ball almost Portugal Soccer Jersey inevitable. Italy therefore lose the ball, then Cassano will doubtless are the primary sinner.
According to OPTA statistics, Cassano five shots, all not in the area of ??long-range, only 38 minutes then Balotelli pass that Hart designed fighting. Besides, Cassano pass effectiveness of just 64.5% and Italy the minimum. When we examine them of 28 players, only Joe - Hart and Carol fewer than his. Ought to be noted that Hart may be the goalkeeper, his passing, for example the opening of Bigfoot, Carroll apparently Cassano isn't the same degree of player. After Portugal Home Jersey a game, the "market" for Cassano played six minutes, said Cassano "performance is acceptable, but apparently not on the best condition, the most important half saw him, but at a later date disappeared until it's traded end. " Its worth mentioning that 6 points can easily point out that looks good, inside the European Cup semi-finals, the "market" experts Maas Keogh is a good mood, the Italian players in the lowest score is 6 points . Cassano is considered the core of Italy's attack, nowadays mistakes the king of strange towards the lowest points.
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