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Italy Jones resurrection moment to refuse the core for the next quarter to undertake Baggio AC Milan, which field

Penalty missed that moment, Relating to thought it was the end of the planet, but on account of Buffon and beams, we're also still alive. "Obviously, Montolivo Fortunately, he eventually left no Baggio like lonely back. In reality, he can't donrrrt tragic figure, on his performance in the entire Two hours of the game, best to the bench being a distinctive line of fire play, do in this particular contest "plug and play" is in fact commendable .
Before news reports that Mota will undoubtedly be in a timely manner, nonetheless the moment the overall game whistle standing Italy attacking Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys midfielder position is Montolivo Literary Mongolia for the first time starting in the European Cup, which played in Two hours, by a performance angle, the the Montolivo body the aura and magnificence of literary men or go for a very full show, well-liked by became Pirlo beyond the Italian midfielder with the ball players, all the The games Montolivo 94 passing, 131 after Pirlo, the Azzurri happen to be allowed to firmly control the midfield, to your large extent could be a sense of play D??¡§|¡§aD¡§¡è???.
Than the chief attacking midfielder Thiago Motta, Montolivo design of play is extremely totally Spain Home Jersey different from his contribution with the team, more imaginative passing utilizing foot. 18 minutes Montolivo "small test chopper" came in the midfield an email along with a cross, the ball crossed the road of defense in England, reached the restricted subject of ??Cassano to take care of the ready to shoot, but Hart attack regularly to settle this ball. This with more than just one time, 32 minutes, Montolivo again sent the specific overheads Balotelli this point it touches received the ball, and completed the shot, yet still brave Hart resolved.
Montolivo the experience running distance of 11,662 meters, the Germany Long Sleeve Jersey figure also ranks first among all 22 players about the pitch today, Montolivo also completed four shots, one of the most threatening first occurrence of 52 minutes De Rossi right out of the restricted area long-range Hart saved, then Balotelli hook shot was again denied by Hart while using the legs, Montolivo rather imaginative from the small frontier closed area, volley Dian Unfortunately, the interference of other players ball slightly covering the bar, the sport draws to your close the initial 119 minutes, Montolivo with the frontier closed area, try long-range kick, the ball just wide, but additionally to Italy, France Home Jersey the full offensive marked by way of dot.
Life and death inside penalty shootout, Montolivo two appearances, but few have witnessed the desperate moment, he was exposed before kicking trace of Qieyi, not as skeptical because of the penalty was saved, he chose too tricky angle, contributing to direct wide of the left goal post, the penalties not type in the first penalty from the Italian suddenly in many of passive. Penalty following free throws, Montolivo obviously very depressed, and was holding his head to the chagrin on the efforts of his teammates to assist Montolivo to resolve this errors, France Soccer Jersey Pirlo spoon penalty reversal the position, but more within the tremendous pressure of the England players, Buffon's heroics on the goal line, then Italy in desperate end completely get back to save. See Buffon to Cole penalty firm pressure in your system from the moment, Montolivo players from the circle to celebrate the most "Hi", and also team celebrate once the game, Monto Li Wo is one among the exciting one. It can also be announced would certainly should bear the memory on the penalty shootout, has grown a critical episode of this Italian cut the fishing line.
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