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Italy sorely lacking a human being foot within the Champions League was given birth to! Balotelli side missing him

Lost to England, Italy likewise has unique harvest, which can be, Mercedes Castro, the first kind Inter Milan striker through the first show of their very own national team which give full play to its own characteristics, before Qiangdian confrontation which couldn't lose. Prandelli, with Italy coach after the game, exclaimed: "Tonight's performance was fantastic, very dominant through the physical confrontation."
Before the "Gazzetta dello Sport said: Fernandez Castro's debut is exciting, he could be a kind of the particular not enough which in Italy." The reality is, during the European Cup, Italy have NBA Jerseys For Sale been lacking an intense center wanted to Balotelli serve as Against England, facing the common British guard, the park wearing jersey No. 9, Fernandez Castro seems to have gained more power, right away within the game, Fernandez Castro quickly in the state. Start just three minutes, Mercedes Castro, around the using of their own health for those Italian team to win the most important corner, and create the Italian team's first opportunity.
As the game progresses, Fernandez Castro Qiangdian advantage is gradually reflected with experienced Cahill and Jiajierka, confrontation which Durst Rose no over Jason Kidd Knicks Cheap Jersey the next peak. 18 minutes, Nuoqielinuo biography, Mercedes Castro, grab before Cahill headed shot, nevertheless ball just wide. 23 minutes, Aquilani pass, Mercedes Castro, following your ball, broke into your restricted area at the left, then shot the ball Shaopian near corner. "Market" at halftime, said: "In addition to De Rossi's goal, Fernandez Castro became Italy your only character of this threat."
Fernandez Castro, the game's most exciting scene with the 55th minute, Diamanti stayed right after the break to pass a, if the ball has been in the domination over the England defender Michael Jordan Swigman High School Jersey Cahill, Cahill was after unloading the ball with the feet, to know the ball to forestall, fell to the control variety of Mercedes Castro, Yi Zhu Then Fernandez Castro, very calm Cahill, then turned and shot the ball dead straight, due to England goalkeeper are quick to react, otherwise this will be a truly classic goal. Fernandez Castro is likewise cooperating with Cahill confrontation which stubborn victory, and to know, Cahill is a main defender in the new the Koo crown champions Chelsea team also taken part in the Champions League final last season, Chris Bosh NBA Jersey 2012 Finals Mercedes Castro, in that some of the species higher level of your opponent a good edge, enough to witness his progress.
Fernandez Castro's outbreak is certainly on your Italian team to start a totally new road, due to their very scarce in Italy outstanding young center, Mercedes Castro needed to fill this gap in Germany last season Strobel for Siena team scored 12 goals, all field goal, field goal after Ibrahimovic. The fact is, as small as prior to an European Cup, Mercedes Castro, the voice of selected Italian 23-man squad is high, nevertheless Udonis Haslem Home Jersey 2012 Finals in the completed Prandelli is in one more to give that up his, so he overlooked the current European Cup, but Mercedes Castro since of course, still very young within will be many future opportunities, a real powerful center, probably best partner for Balotelli. Fernandez Castro right after the game resistant to the Italian state television RAI, said: "I am prepared to have enough knowledge to complete the initial show of one's national team, because of coach, however the only regret is the factthat the team loses amongst gamers, but I've tried best. "
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