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King's Cup - Kaka when captain goals Benzema 2 pass 2 shot Real Madrid 4-1 off wins

Spain local time on October 31 22:00,2012 4/13 season, the Spanish King's Cup first leg of a focus on war in Kela Ao stadium fight over Real Madrid away 4 1 win alco Arno Benzema scored twice, and assists Kaka and Jose - Rodriguez has to break Lara kick regain a city.
This is the two sides first nine encounters, Prior 8 Real Madrid 4 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses prevail. Both King's Cup meet in 1946, Real Madrid draw away to win at home. Mourinho rotation of nine people, only a Guevara and Michael Essien remain in the starting. Kaka served as Casey Hampton Jerseys Nike Elite Jersey captain, Benzema and Kalie Hong together appearance. Arco Arno seven minutes before the opening, which won four corner kick opportunities, but were the Real Madrid defense line rescue. 11 minutes, Guevara the elbow movements fined Zhengding yellow card.
Real Madrid 21 minutes ahead, Adam the Bigfoot kickoff, the home team players headed the rescue mistakes but the top of the penalty area, Kalie Hong restricted area of ??the left side of the ferry headed Benzema 10 yards Department header Relay hoisting break. Real Madrid 35 minutes to expand the score, stopping slightly larger Benzema, Kaka follow-up left foot launched into the bottom right corner Evander Hood Women Nike Game Jersey of the ball at the edge of the area. The alco Arno can not shake the Real Madrid defense, the home team several times outside shot difficult threat Adan. Half stoppage Kaka kick shot just wide of the upper right corner.
The second half, Jose - Rodriguez replaced Alex. 47 minutes, Saar gas header ferry, but Piai La restricted area of ??the shot wide. 54 minutes Dios inside the restricted area shot Kaka closure. The replacement Modric Essien played. 66 minutes, pulling out of the corner, Saar gas header nodded. Real Madrid in the 67th minute to seal the victory, with Kaka kick the Isaac Redman Elite Steelers Jersey wall with the breakthrough blocked after passing Benzema, Jose - Rodriguez left the restricted area 15 yards launched into the far corner, 3-0.
70 minutes, the aldridge sent forward pass, Benzema left the restricted area small-angle shot was saved. Arco Arno 77th minute pulled one back, Benzema winger foul, pulling a free kick in unexpectedly direct near Kok network ,1-3. Real Madrid 88 minutes again widen the gap, Benzema prequel Morata double team turned and sent forward pass, 15 yards at the pole Benzema Tuishe the bottom left corner, 4-1. Subsequently the Adan saved the Pi Aila shot left the restricted area. Morata restricted Isaac Redman Elite Black Steelers Jersey area before the shot missed. Real Madrid final 4 1 customer wins.
Real Madrid lineup (4-2-3-1): 13 - Adam; - Guevara, 18 - Albiol, 11 - Ricardo Carvalho, 27 - Nacho; 15 - Michael Essien (60 ' 19 - aldridge's), 30 - Alex (46 ', 34 - Jose - Rodriguez); 21 - Kalie Hong, 9 - Benzema, 8 - Kaka; 29 - Morata
Previously carried out a few games, Almería 2-0 Lectra Celta Vigo, Malaga away 4 to 3 win over the jam Renault, Atletico Madrid away 3-0 Royal Hahn Zaragoza 1-0 victory over Granada, Rayo Vallecano 3-0 away loss to Las Palmas.

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