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Loew: The guests on the Netherlands for a insufficient ideas i feel One hour, these are generally already dead

Beijing dawn of June 14, no more another round contest from the European Cup group B, with Gomez's two goals, Germany's 2-1 attract netherlands, won two straight, and occupy the strong situation belonging to the group stages. Following the game, vertical the German team to win was the thrill of Lufkin table opponents Dutch audience, loss of ideas.
"Too tough think about the previous few minutes of their time even gone so slow." Be replaced beforehand Cheap Soccer Jerseys Gomez told the media that "in the earliest half we played superb, nevertheless in the previous couple of minutes, the members are actually exhausted, and but Neuer guard the aim, then you can certainly Kangzhu this pressure, for instance on your how that is the very tough game. "
Gomez until the game, the fact is, under great pressure, Siu-yee is amazingly fierce criticism of him, but Gomez again Kangzhu the pressure, "I am very happy, Netherlands Home Jersey very, pleased i scored two goals. However, within the finals, there is still a long way to spend, we certainly have defeated two very strong team, made six points, the achievements but you want more. "and assists Gomez scored two goals Bastian Schweinsteiger said: "I am very pleased in an effort to win, this isn't easy, but we paid lots for him, every victory gave our motivation, we made the actual 2nd superb step against Denmark? Germany Away Jersey Weight reduction victory, this will be our goal. "
Coach Joachim Loew said: "game competitors are very intense, which is a the two of you use a dynamic game, because we want to be ensure that the second round, since the second game is crucial, and from now on, the semi-finals the actual to our own spacious open. "Loew with particular mention of Gomez," Gomez is definitely the type of warrior type of player within the England Soccer Jersey field isn't long, but played adequately, two goals is incredibly exciting. Bastian Schweinsteiger's status is usually getting better and better all the games during the continuous improvement of his vigor is extremely strong, winning lots of confrontation. group stage victory is important, because it allows to stay Gdansk Dutch team amongst people, the absence of ideas, and our defense a very good relationship, I think that 60 minutes on the body for the Dutch team is Spain Long Sleeve Jersey dead "
Captain Ram reminded his teammates, "tournament is not over." Young drivers . praised Gomez, Gomez There's a lot of solutions to score, he was quoted saying a superior striker, we all know this, as well as went into are world-class goal. "goalkeeper Neuer said:" the end time each of the sides may be very in the vicinity of this really that you couldn't expect, however in the the bottom we won. " It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 06.14.2012