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Manchester united GaoShuai rich mob attacks push deep groove

Evans and goal! In the Manchester united game and QPR in the 64th minute, Wayne rooney to the corner, bonzi elano baker, Northern Ireland from the rear on grab each other front defender header will score, let queens park rangers lead just kept for 15 minutes, for Manchester united and a reverse blowing the bugle call!
The game, Manchester united operation has been very slow, make QPR drum defense for more and more confident, the use of Manchester united corner defensive leakage "attack" score, the London team victory is imposing manner. And people from Bernard Pollard Limited Ravens Jersey Northern Ireland's goal not only completely broke the other side of the field, but also successfully through the united "ren and du two pulse", it may be said the team reversed the biggest one of the biggest success. Remove the a goal, Evans in the game repeatedly into the other 45 meters area embroilment each other's defensive formation, as well as front court players win more space. In 74 minutes Evans was big show the passing touch, face each other a defence to a record beautiful flat drive straight plug found from the right Arthur Jones Limited Ravens Jersey side road inscribed Wells baker, but the latter pass a little slow defender was blocked by the bottom line. Near the end of the match, Evans for protecting the ball out of the bottom line was QPR player directly back to the side of the pitch of the ditch on the billboard, hit the knee he bite the grind continue to back on the pitch into the game, can't help letting person plaint was weak young has become a tough guy!
So far, Evans played 15 times this season has scored three goals, and Bernard Pierce Elite Black Ravens Jersey fans exclaimed Manchester united new "take knife bodyguard" appeared. With this goal, Evans an interview also relieved "day ah, I thought I this lifetime won't scored!" After the game, ferguson also special praise the Evans: "at this season he began to show his attack can. Before him, we only nemanja vidic and Bruce can do this, can have such defender was too good!"
To know these sir alex ferguson in order to develop Evans is really take great pains! From 2007 to 2008, sir alex ferguson will be two young Evans on loan at Bernard Pierce Elite Ravens Jersey sunderland exercise, the latter in the "black" performance is quite good, and help the team rise back to the premiership. - 09 in united's first team debut season Evans played very good, even in and "warcraft" drogba's meetings are not fall wind, but after that, Manchester united "GaoShuai rich" Evans growth rate has been very slow, the game often appear error, performance is sometimes very weak, lead to the fans see every time he appeared in the starting list is panic unceasingly, and even have a nickname for him "succeeding," (harmonics Evans surname Jonny).
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