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Melon Shuai said left Barcelona to Real Madrid assistant only memory airport terminal: La Liga don't even think I

In the league last game following having a news conference, Seville or Catalan reporter, Guardiola's response is very simple to use. As an illustration, when asked to Barcelona, ??he left what wealth, Guardiola's answer is simple, he has not grown arrogant, but said: "I can offer no thought of what wealth can leave, I only hope the particular many memories is often retained indefinitely. " His departure affect Alves in Barcelona's future problems, melon commander replied: "All about Barcelona future is the fact is that already just isn't going to rely on me, Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale particularly me, Alves can be described as impressed irreplaceable player. these years, his squad in Barcelona is definitely key player, I hope that the long run still is so. " Leading to a media came Guardiola and Vilanova not news, that Guardiola has produced his decision before replaced by Vilanova told news along the club, which Guardiola stressed so good relations with Vilanova: "Every day I told Tito to perform the exchange." Real Madrid Assistant coach calanca, La Liga will miss Guardiola, melon handsome laughed: "No, the league is not going to miss FERDINAND Home Jersey me there, before me, La Liga La Liga or still exist as i left." Red card for Alves, Guardiola explained: "before the red card, the fact is that, our performance from the lover low number of good naturally, only 10 people play a kicking good football team it is somewhat difficult. we carry out, but 10 to 11 is definitely difficult. "Guardiola is actually not away conquer Betis, but he believes Barcelona future is certain to win over saving money and White Legion," Betis is a wonderful team, believe it or not, there KAKA Home Long Sleeve Jersey are tons of teams give to us to develop problems additionally they played very good, good player, football mechanisms fanatical fans, great stadium .... led me ahead here twice, tying a lost a Barcelona will win. " The game is related to the Valdes competitive La Liga goals conceded at a minimum goalkeeper Award, reporters asked Guardiola After losing two goals in Barcelona, ??is viewed replaced Valdes, make it possible for him to ensure Zamora Award , Guardiola said: "Pinto play, we allow him to play, though the league final battle, we would KAKA Home Jersey not consider Zamora Award. Barcelona played well, employing Al Davis was sent off right after the game to remain somebody else. " You are looking for the fate of your Keita, Guardiola said: "He deserves to play more games in Barcelona, ??since they can not give something individuals other midfield Lets hope when called he'll debut from the league championship attribution decision, Also let every one of the players to get playing time. "On Feilai first start, Guardiola said:" He played really well, he kicked the wing, additionally it is to Middle Road, BENZEMA Home France Jersey kick freedom. he was related to quite strong to the Dutch national team and the own, is a good example news. " Guardiola had revealed that although have a year off, this is actually case out from the stadium is definitely not long? He refused to reply the question: "I have no idea of, I will not answer this type of question." Last question, the first day of leave Barcelona, ??Guardiola in position to envision, this melon handsome smiles: "everything is typical. Naturally, I would not visit a training field to, as well as, nothing special. " It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 05.014.2012